Fuming Scarborough rips Durham for ‘embarrassing himself’, slams ‘asses’ who dare to cover his court filing

In case you missed it, the Democratic Spin Machine is running full-throttle in an attempt to make disappear John Durham’s recent, damning court filing, which connects dots between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the tech exec who monitored the internet traffic of candidate, and then President Donald Trump — and now, Joe Scarborough is doing his part.

Initially, mainstream media decided the best way to deal with Durham was to simply ignore him.

Following Durham’s explosive filing, mainstream media responded with a powerful choir of crickets, and their silence did not go unnoticed.

“How much has the Durham report allegations against the Clinton campaign been covered by ‘mainstream’ media?” asked Clay Travis. “Zero.”

Even Hillary Clinton couldn’t find a liberal news network report to support her. She was left alone, trying desperately to debunk Durham’s claims with nothing more than a Vanity Fair article.

Frankly, it was painful to watch.

But Joe Scarborough wasn’t going to let Hillary brave social media scrutiny by herself. Not when he has a platform like “Morning Joe” to set the record straight.

He took to the airwaves, no doubt clutching a copy of Vanity Fair, to punch back with deflections and insults at those who actually believe that Durham had anything of import to say about the crumbling “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative.

As far as Scarborough is concerned, Durham is “humiliating” himself, and that’s all his dwindling audience needs to know.

Durham’s court filing, according to the sage Scarborough, only “allows crackpots to lie to their audiences that something is amiss.” Anyone who is reporting on it is just “making a**es of themselves,” and anyone who listens to the reports is a gullible fool.

What is Scarborough’s proof? Well, Hillary has yet to be formally charged with anything illegal, so clearly she must be innocent. Oh, and Fox News viewers are stupid.

“You look at the facts behind that one charge, it is preposterous,” said Scarborough about the indictment of Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI. “I guess [United States Attorney General] Merrick Garland has to let him continue to go on, but three years and all he is doing is churning up a bunch of nothing, and it just continues.”

“What is the plan inside of the DOJ?” he asked. “Are they going to let this guy go three more years and just launch a conspiracy theory with a poorly-written pleading every 18 months or so?”

And if Joe didn’t convince you, then surely former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill must have. She’s certain Merrick is giving Durham and anyone who dares to believe his findings enough rope to hang themselves.

“In a way, it is almost better to have [Durham] out there by himself with independent ability, because if, in fact, Merrick Garland shut it down, it would forever be, ‘oh, look what happened. You know, he was on the verge of finding that Hillary Clinton was, you know, in the Trump Tower, looking under Trump’s bed,'” McCaskill said. “But if, in fact, this keeps going the way it is going, he is going to twist in the wind and eventually die and go away, and there will be no there there.”

In other words, if Durham doesn’t perp walk Hillary in short order, mainstream media will ensure his findings are mocked and memoryholed, until any “theres” that are in fact right there are forgotten by their attention-deficit viewers.

Great strategy, Joe.

Run with that.


Editor’s Note: This article has been revised to remove the incorrect use of the word “spy” with regards to the actions of Hillary Clinton and the Perkins Coie law firm. Technically, the actions of the parties connected to this case and the Durham report are not considered spying. We apologize for the error.


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