First Lady Jill Biden is reportedly ‘lashing out’ at Dems calling for Joe to step down

Democrats calling for President Joe Biden to step aside before the party loses the election have reportedly earned the ire of First Lady Jill Biden.

The post-debate salvage operation for her husband’s reelection campaign is in full swing now after the mentally depleted octogenarian huddled with his family at Camp David last weekend, emerging with a determination to fight like hell against a swirling party mutiny that could bring an end to Joe Biden’s five decades in Washington, D.C.

The news that Dr. Jill isn’t about to surrender the perks of the White House came courtesy of Martha Raddatz who told her ABC News colleague George Stephanopoulos that the first lady is “lashing out” at the 81-year-old’s detractors.

“The president is talking to a lot of people but he appears to be listing to a very tight circle,” said the longtime Clinton family stooge who lobbed softballs at Biden during a heavily hyped interview that aired on Friday night.

“A very tight circle and administration officials I have spoken to said that very tight inner circle is telling them he can win, that he needs to keep going,” Raddatz said. “This includes his wife Jill who they said is lashing out at those who want him to get out of the race…”

Those who have leeched onto Joe Biden as their meal ticket are understandably determined to keep him in the race for their own reasons, but none more so than his overbearing spouse who will cling to the privileges that come from being in the White House with her fingernails.

“I think she’s been exposed as a power-hungry aspirant herself to political power. She is on the cover of Vogue magazine right now. Why? Because she wants to promote herself,” Megyn Kelly told Piers Morgan of Mrs. Biden.

X users also had some input on the controlling and greedy influence of the first lady.

“Jill Biden has appeared for a while to be running the show and, therefore, the country — though I don’t recall seeing her name on the 2020 ballot. It’s clear she is pushing her husband to stay in the race, probably not eager to retreat to Delaware with a man whose years have caught up with him,” wrote Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker on Friday.

Chris Donaldson


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