Flash mob of 70 looters swarm Oakland store, cops reportedly took 9 hours to respond. Dem mayor boasts.

California is a lost cause and that sad fact was driven home when a huge mob invaded and ransacked a gas station in Oakland, a crime-ridden Democrat hellhole.

It was just a normal Friday morning when at about 4:30 a.m. the criminal miscreants descended on the 76 gas station on Hegenberger Road near the city’s airport.

Surveillance video footage showed the mask and hoodie-clad mob as they looted items from the establishment after a vehicle was driven into the glass doors. A distraction for the thugs who then helped themselves to the merchandise, with the incident being captured on surveillance video.

(Video: YouTube)

The hoodlums who reportedly numbered up to 70 strong and possibly even more, set the convenience store’s owner back over $100,000 in damages and losses from the shocking incident, according to local news outlet ABC 7 Bay Area.

“They got away with it, they were here for 40 minutes. You could tear a whole city down in 40 minutes,” said owner Sam Mardaie. “Every time I think about it…. the more it hurts.”

In the video, the criminals are heard gleefully laughing and having a great time as they move through the store and loaded up with their stolen booty. The crowd had been attending a nearby “sideshow” before they swarmed the premises at the station which only offered window service at the time of day.

“Shelves were ripped apart. All the grocery items were torn, were stepped on or vandalized,” Mardaie told ABC 7. “They broke the refrigerators. They robbed our ATM, tore the ATM apart, took everything in it. They tried to get the safe but it was more secure than anything else so they couldn’t get through that. Basically every single thing, even the TV.”

Adding insult to injury, Mardaie said that after he called the cops, they never showed up.

“Video evidence was later reported to OPD that made clear the scale and details of the incident, including the large number of suspects, and the incident was immediately elevated to a Priority 1 incident, which prompted an officer to go to the scene to make contact with the owner, and investigators are now reviewing evidence and working directly with the gas station owner,” the Oakland Police Department said in a statement,” according to the Daily Mail.

Before the flash mob robbery, which is blowing up on social media, Oakland’s Democrat Mayor Sheng Thao boasted that crime is coming down.

“Oakland is seeing positive results from new public safety strategies”, Thao previously said, claiming that the supposed improvement in public safety was due to a “proven data-driven strategy that focuses law enforcement violence prevention and community resources on individuals in Oakland who are at highest risk to be involved in violence.”

Thao is currently embroiled in a major scandal after her home was raided by FBI agents last month. She of course blamed it all on a “radical right-wing” conspiracy, a convenient and often used excuse that Democrats sell to the suckers and losers of their base when it comes to their own malfeasance.

“This is the hardest thing you could ever go through…especially if you’ve been put in sweat and tears day in and day out,” Mardaie said, noting that there were two employees present at the time of the harrowing incident.

With California Governor Gavin Newsom salivating over the possibility of replacing the dementia-addled Joe Biden on the Democrat ticket, the incident should serve as a warning of what his policies could do to the entire country.

Chris Donaldson


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