Megyn Kelly gets push back for her thoughts on ‘abused’ elder Joe Biden

Voiced concern over how “critically wounded” President Joe Biden’s campaign was being kept on life support hardly saw Megyn Kelly earn full-throated support on perceived “abuse.”

“If he weren’t a vindictive, divisive demagogue…”

Stepping back from the partisan hopes of the 2024 election and the impact a campaign shakeup would have on the race for the White House, reactions to the president’s disastrous debate also considered the clear and present matter of his remaining leader of the free world.

While the host of SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” didn’t draw a distinction as to how quickly she thought the incumbent should take his final bow on the world stage, the commentator was clear in affirming it was at least time to end the campaign.

“I’m genuinely sad/angry over what these [people] around him are doing to Joe Biden,” Kelly posted to X Friday. “He deserves better than to go out like this. The answer is to let him retire [with] some dignity. Not to keep forcing the critically wounded racehorse to run more.”

As a direct follow-up to that remark, the podcast host reacted to a quote pulled from Biden’s ABC interview where he pushed back at the suggestion he submit to an independent, neurological exam and argued, “Look, I have a cognitive test every single day.”

“So… no. And there would be absolutely no reason not to do it (hello the presidency is on the line) unless he knew what the results would be,” suggested Kelly in line with her legal background and the widely regarded axiom of never asking a question if you didn’t already know (and like) the answer.

Despite the radio personality’s compassion, which came on the heels of her arguing that “power-hungry” first lady Jill Biden was responsible for keeping the campaign alive “to promote herself,” others across social media were hardly as understanding and were prepared to see the resident-in-chief reap what he had sowed following more than 50 years as a creature of Washington, D.C.

“I’m old enough to have watched most of his career. [He] was ALWAYS a mean, lying, nasty, petty racist. I don’t pity HIM at all. [The] people who don’t deserve this are the American Citizens,” reacted one user while Biden’s sexual assault accuser Tara Reade responded, “Joe Biden deserves to be held accountable or his corruption and what he did to me in 1993…and I deserve justice.”

“The Americana people deserve a true leader who does not politically weaponize the DOJ and intelligence and a stop to endless wars,” she added.

A measured response was proffered by The FAMiLY Leader CEO Bob Vander Plaats who suggested, “Many Americans are watching this as if this were their Grandfather. Yes, there’s still love and he should be honored with leading the family in meal time prayer. At the same time, they know he should no longer be driving the family car much less leading the country.”

Kevin Haggerty


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