Fmr Ukrainian ambassador, allegedly on Putin ‘kill list’, says it’s time for ‘America to take leadership’

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Former Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S. Valeriy Chaly has called on U.S. President Joe Biden to lead the world out of the crisis currently engulfing Ukraine.

The request was made during an exclusive interview with Fox News.

“We trust President Biden. We trust Americans. But, you know, we want you to be leader of the world. Now is the time for President Biden just make the real history. And this is a great opportunity for you. American nation is a great nation. Now is the real time for America to take the leadership,” he said in broken English.

The U.S. president’s many critics here in the states would likely argue that Chaly’s belief in Biden’s capabilities is naive, though understandable. The former ambassador doesn’t live here and therefore sees Biden through the prism of the establishment media. But the establishment media isn’t known for being honest about the president’s shortcomings.

Listen to Chaly’s full remarks below:

His remarks began with him saying that he couldn’t specify his exact location because of safety concerns.

“I’m in the Ukraine, but because I’m on so-called kill list of Russians, I can’t give you more information about that. But I am definitely in Ukraine,” he said.

He then proceeded to describe the willingness of him and his people to fight like hell.

“But what I can mention and what I will mention is Ukraine still fights firm against the Russian troops. Kyiv was mentioned could be captured for two days. Now it’s not happen. So many victims of Russians and, you know, we just destroyed Russian army,” he said.

His point was that, despite suffering casualties against Russia’s overwhelming force, the Ukrainians were still putting up a helluva fight and scoring some casualties of their own.

“In terms of the Russian goals, they will not achieve that. The ultimate goal of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin was to capture Ukraine, and now he is absolutely frustrated. And I understand this still go as far as possible, and that’s why it will take more time, for sure. We’re ready for that. We’re ready to fight not only this; we’re ready to fight weeks and months. So we ready to fight to the final victory of us, because no other option for Ukrainians,” Chaly continued.

“If we lose that, we will be slaves of Russian autocrats. Only way for us is fight and win. I be frank with you. If they kill my family, if they kill my relatives, unfortunately I will stop to make diplomatic activity or information, war with them, I will go further.”

What he appeared to be trying to say was that if the Russians harm any of his family members, then it’s on like Donkey Kong.

He concluded by calling for more weapons and warning that a NATO nation may be Putin’s next target.

“The most efficient sanctions on Russia is to supply us defensive weapons, including most sophisticated, anti-missile, anti-air equipment, because unfortunately, they began destroy our cities, they killed our peoples. What will be the next? For my mind and my colleagues, it will be attacking directly NATO country, probably Baltic state,” he said.

Critics say it seems unlikely that the Russian president will ever strike a NATO state because doing so would very likely lead to both a global nuclear war and his country’s annihilation.

However, Dr. John R. Deni, a research professor at the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute and a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, penned a piece this week arguing that the West needs to prepare for such an attack.

“For years, many have taken for granted that Putin will stop at NATO’s borders, deterred by the promise of an Article 5 response. But this is no longer a given in light of the Russian leader’s belligerence and unpredictability,” he wrote for Politico.

Thus, “to reduce the risk that Putin will expand the conflict beyond Ukraine … NATO should expand the scale, mission and capabilities of the units that would be on the front lines of any Russian attack on Eastern European NATO countries,” according to Deni.

“NATO should begin preparing a significantly expanded permanent presence in Eastern Europe to ensure it can more easily defend allied territory and deter Russian aggression. Poland is the obvious first choice. … Romania should also host an increased permanent NATO posture.”

Vivek Saxena


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