Former disinformation czar claims DHS couldn’t even agree on what ‘disinformation’ is

Nina Jankowicz, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ pick for disinformation czar, admitted during testimony that DHS couldn’t even agree on exactly what “disinformation” was before she jumped ship.

“Nina Jankowicz, who was director of the disinformation governance board for roughly three months before quitting in 2022 amid a firestorm of criticism, said in a newly released deposition to Congress that the department bungled the rollout of her job and then abandoned her when the going got tough,” the Washington Times reported.

“She described dysfunction and confusion throughout. She said Mr. Mayorkas’ communications advisers vetoed her plans to brief Congress on her role, allowing her job to become a target of misinformation. She said she faced ‘tens of thousands of death threats’ and had to hire a security consultant who told her she needed to leave her home, just weeks before she was due to give birth, to protect herself,” the media outlet added.

Her statements were just revealed from an April 2023 deposition where Jankowicz told the House Judiciary Committee that her board never intended to police what Americans said on or off-line. She was reportedly embroiled in the Biden administration’s attempt to censor what Americans were saying about COVID, Hunter Biden, and numerous other political issues. But her goals were allegedly hampered by the failed attempt to define what disinformation is.

“I thought there was some pretty big gaps in terms of the understanding of the concept,” she claimed during the deposition. “You can’t say that something is a bear if you don’t know what a bear looks like. So that’s where we were.”

Jankowicz’s so-called expertise was in foreign disinformation. She was tapped by Mayorkas in early 2022 for the position. Her eight-week-old secret appointment was only revealed by Mayorkas when he was questioned during a congressional hearing about what DHS was doing to mitigate disinformation against Hispanic and black voters. The campaign to quash disinformation was compared to an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth.”

Three weeks after Jankowicz was outed, Mayorkas suspended the board amid loud outcry over it. The disinformation czar resigned and months after that, Mayorkas finally disbanded the board.

“I was thrown under the bus to some degree,” she whined in the House Judiciary Committee release that came out Friday. “I had spent my career and a large portion of my own kind of personal capital doing work that I thought was important for the American people, and I did not want to risk further damage to that for an agency that clearly didn’t have my — even my safety at heart.”

“She said she fought to have the department roll out the board and her role as director in a more traditional manner, with briefings to Congress ahead of time and getting outside experts on board. She said Mr. Mayorkas’ team rejected those ideas, forbade her from going to Capitol Hill, and ordered her to be vague in congressional briefings,” the Washington Times recounted.

Jankowicz is now with the leftist American Sunlight Project which also allegedly seeks to silence free speech online. She is savagely going after Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan for not releasing her transcript sooner.

“Chairman Jordan clearly knows this transcript destroys their conspiracy theories, which is why he withheld it for so long and released it on a Friday evening. In doing so, the Committee attempted to distract from the revelations contained within it that are embarrassing to Chairman Jordan, including that he shared a manipulated video of me in an attempt to scare American citizens into believing his lies,” she said in a statement.

“She said the board’s purview was never supposed to be an arbiter of truth. Instead, it would act as a traffic cop within the government, coordinating ongoing work while insisting that privacy and other civil liberties be protected,” the Washington Times noted, also stating that Jankowicz basically portrayed the board as powerless and harmless.

The former disinformation czar claimed they never meant to take anything online down. She also evaded questioning concerning the Hunter Biden laptop from hell and the Steele dossier asserting that the topics were Trump campaign tactics.

Jankowicz returned to the point that there was no consensus on what “disinformation” meant.

“At one point in the deposition, Ms. Jankowicz led the panel in a discussion about disinformation. She said the definition used by the Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency, which had been the department’s leader on the subject, didn’t track with what she or others in the research community thought,” the Washington Times stated.

“CISA has one definition, and one of the things that occurred to me while I was at DHS is that different entities were dealing with different definitions. So that was one of the things that I had hoped to work on,” she contended, referring to CISA’s definition as “overbroad.”

“CISA’s definition said disinformation, misinformation, and malinformation are all types of false information. Ms. Jankowicz said malinformation can be true but is released with ulterior motives. She cited strategic leaks as a form of malinformation,” the Washington Times explained.

Jankowicz commented that if she had been allowed to do her job, she would have focused on countering disinformation about the border.

“Saying that you could get citizenship upon crossing the border, or that, you know, there were human smugglers who were promising wild things to people who were making that journey, we wanted to understand it better,” she remarked.


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