Fox contributor accuses Rashida Tlaib of ‘promoting a pro-terrorism agenda’ in her state

President Joe Biden’s reelection hopes could hinge on whether he’s willing to appease extreme left elements of his party’s base, especially pro-Hamas voters in a key battleground state.

In the aftermath of now presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump’s Super Tuesday dominance, conservative pundit Katie Pavlich appeared on Wednesday’s edition of “Kudlow” on Fox Business to discuss the political developments.

During a discussion on Trump’s potential to “peel off” voters who are dissatisfied with Biden’s policies, she noted the recent revolt of leftist Democrats when over 100,000 voted “uncommitted” in last week’s primary, a message to the incumbent that he had better force a ceasefire from Israel or else.

(Video: Fox News)

“In Michigan he has you know an opportunity to peel off a lot of these voters who are very upset with Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandates which are going to put a lot of people out of work, not to mention making their lives more expensive,” she said, turning to the dysfunction that’s now roiling the normally unified Democratic party.

“It’s been completely underreported how many people have voted uncommitted against Joe Biden. A hundred thousand people in Michigan, twenty thousand people in North Carolina,” she continued. “In Michigan in particular, you know Joe Biden ran the first time…as this moderate unifier who was gonna bring the country together and he’s really been a far-left president.”

Pavlich noted that the effort to influence U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East is being spearheaded by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), an outspoken advocate for the terrorists whose anti-Semitic rhetoric was so intense that she was formally rebuked in a bipartisan censure by her House colleagues last year.

“And now he has this problem in a place like Michigan that he has to win if he wants to win reelection where, he has to kowtow to Rashida Tlaib who is a member of The Squad promoting a pro-terrorism agenda in that state,” she said. “So, he’s the one who has to figure out how he’s going keep that coalition together while also not allowing coalitions that have been typically for Democrats – black voters, Hispanic voters – from falling apart as well.”

Tlaib has led the radical pack of Democrats driven by their fanatical hatred for the Jewish state against the White House, parroting Hamas propaganda and accusing Biden of being an enabler of genocide as she did in a controversial video that she posted last year after Israel commenced its military operation to eliminate the terrorist presence in Gaza.

Once the mass protests became an optics problem due to the unrestrained Jew hatred on display, the “Squad” member and others moved to political means to accomplish their objectives of a ceasefire before Hamas is completely wiped out, and the campaign in Michigan to send Biden a message was a resounding success.

Tlaib has not committed to voting for Biden this November but that could change if he stabs Israel in the back which is likely coming soon as his poll numbers continue to plummet.

Chris Donaldson


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