‘Fox & Friends’ praise Charlamagne tha God for recognizing most of America is like Florida, costal elites have themselves fooled

After Democrats and corporate media jumped to claim Republicans gaining control of the House of Representatives as a victory because the big red wave was not as readily apparent as predicted, status quo defenders were equally dismissive of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) leading the Sunshine State out of the swing category into the political red.

Charlamagne tha God, host of the “Breakfast Club” and “Hell of a Week,” had some thoughts for those belittling the conservative groundswell and support for the governor across the country that left “Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy saying, “He’s exactly right.”

(Video: Fox News)

On Monday, Charlamagne was interviewed by Fox News Digital where, in addition to commenting on President Joe Biden being the best bet for the left in 2024, he spoke about certain political realities he felt were being ignored by progressives.

“I think people are sleeping on Ron DeSantis. I think that Ron DeSantis is a very, you know, formidable opponent,” he argued. “I can’t even believe the conversations I’m hearing with people are saying, ‘I don’t think he can win the national election.’ Why not? What would make ’em think that he can’t win a national election?”

For some, like MSNBC fill-in host María Teresa Kumar, that belief came from the narrative push to claim gerrymandering was the key to DeSantis winning reelection rather than his successes as governor. She said in part Saturday, “one of the things that has been underreported is the fact that Ron DeSantis, yes, he won, but he highly gerrymandered the state of Florida and oftentimes, people say, ‘well, that was, you know, he had a statewide office.’ But gerrymandering has the impact of chilling potential voters for the opposite side of going out and voting. There’s no way that he could gerrymander himself across 50 states…”

Charlamagne was quick to counter those ruling America’s Governor out before he’s even suggested a run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, stating, “Sorry to tell y’all, man, I’m from the south–I’m from South Carolina–more of the country is like Florida than we may want to believe. But majority of America is more, you know, rural and, you know, full of conservative values like in a place like Florida than there is, you know, other places. I think when you live in New York or, you know, California, you might be fooled and think that’s the world, but that’s not the world.”

“The world is more southern and midwest than anything,” he added basically saying the world is more conservative than elitists would like to admit.

“He’s exactly right,” Doocy opined after the clip was aired Tuesday morning. “He works out of New York, but he has got the unique ability to talk to people from across the country. He’s from down in South Carolina. And, you know, one of the things about New Yorkers is they think the sun rises and sets on New York City.”

“Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt furthered the suggested political barometer that Florida was playing when she said, “Florida is interesting, isn’t it? It’s full of people who grew up there, but also it’s full of a lot of transplants from the north. So it’s a medley of people from all over the country. So he probably does have a good point, it’s a good mix of everyone from around the country, and maybe we look to that state to determine the direction of the country.”

Whether or not DeSantis decides to run, many have expressed the desire to see their government officials follow the example set by the Florida executive and take direct action to turn the tide in the culture war.

Kevin Haggerty


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