Fox host suggests Biden could sway youth voters by using National Guard to save their college experiences

From COVID circumstance to protest pomp, one Fox News host made the case on how the “youth voters” could be swayed depending on the president’s response to anti-Israel demonstrations.

(Video: Fox News)

President Joe Biden’s foreign policy placation may well satisfy the radicals steering the Democratic Party, but the ripple of Hamas sympathy that became a wave of nationwide campus protests spilled over beyond the astroturf encampments.

The University of Southern California announced the cancelation of the commencement ceremony for the graduating class over safety concerns brought on by the arrest of over 100 of the anti-Israel rabble-rousers. After “The Five” co-host Jeanine Pirro reminded that this was the same graduating class that left many cheated of a high school ceremony due to the draconian response to COVID, Fox News host Shannon Bream asserted it was time for the National Guard.

“I can understand these people being so upset and frustrated that they are missing out on a second big milestone in their life,” she said of the students griping after the decision from USC, which had the potential to inspire further protests.

“I think if the Biden White House wants to get these youth voters, you gotta decide which side you’re going to want to lay your claim to here. But, a lot of young people — yes, they’re upset with how you’re handling this Gaza situation with Israel — but, a lot of other people, a greater percentage, seem to be very upset about how this is impacting their college experience,” expressed Bream Friday.

Politicians like House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) descended on Columbia University in New York City to drive home their points about the conflict in the Middle East with the backdrop of the clashes between protesters and police. The Fox News host brought up Biden’s own decision to pass the buck.

“And the White House said yesterday, the spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, that this is up to governors about sending National Guard in, settling things down, it’s not for the president,” she detailed.

During Thursday’s White House press briefing, Jean-Pierre had responded when asked about the deployment of the Guard, “So, on the National Guard, that is something that is under the governors, right? That is something for the governors to decide. As you know, Governor Hochul visited Columbia University recently. And so, she spoke to that. So, I would just refer you to her comments. That is something for governors to decide, so I — I don’t have anything beyond that.”

However, as the Chicago Tribune reminded during President Donald Trump’s administration, since the enactment of the 1952 Armed Forces Reserve Act, there have been at least a dozen times a president has called up the National Guard, including regarding campus issues like integration in 1963.

“We all know the president is, in history, has sent the National Guard in on campuses where there is trouble into riots,” said Bream as Biden has appeared to temper America’s support for Israel. “They got to start having a conversation about, if you’re going to say you are the party of law and order and rule of law, why are you not helping the students who are having something so precious snatched away from them?”

Kevin Haggerty


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