Biden buried in backlash after condemning pro-Israel protesters: ‘He sided with supporters of terrorism’

President Joe Biden is facing steep backlash from Jews for condemning a small group of Columbia University counterprotesters.

As previously reported, pro-Palestine students at Columbia University and elsewhere have been loudly and belligerently “protesting” since the 17th. These “protests” have involved students harassing Jews, intimidating Jews, scaring Jews, spitting at Jews, assaulting Jews, and more.

Some of the chants heard at these “protests” include the following: “Kill all the Jews,” “We want one Arab state,” “From the river to the sea,” “Zionists not allowed here,” and “Go back to Poland.”

“Protesters” have reportedly also called for more Oct. 7th-like terror attacks.

Now fast-forward to this past Thursday, when footage emerged of a small group of Jewish counterprotesters giving the hateful pro-Hamas “protesters” a small taste of their own medicine.


As seen above, the counterprotesters yelled mean things back at the “protesters,” including “Go back to Gaza,” “Go home, terrorists,” and “Stop wasting mommy and daddy’s money.”

While what the counterprotesters chanted was far less offensive than what the “protesters” have been chanting, the Biden administration nevertheless decided to condemn the counterprotesters.

“Every American is an American, full stop,” Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates said in a statement to HuffPost. “It is bigoted and outrageous to suggest that anyone should ‘go back’ anywhere.”

“These kinds of statements degrade all of us, whether it’s telling someone to ‘go back’ to Gaza, or telling someone to ‘go back’ to Belarus and Poland, which was captured in other videos yesterday — countries where Jews were victims of the Holocaust and pogroms,” he added.

“President Biden stands against hateful rhetoric, and believes we must constantly respect the dignity of all people, regardless of disagreements about policy,” Bates concluded.

Jews were not pleased, especially by Bates’ implication that there was an equivalence between saying “go back to Gaza” and saying “go back to Poland.”


In fairness to the Biden administration, they did previously condemn the pro-Palestine protesters as well.

“While every American has the right to peaceful protest, calls for violence and physical intimidation targeting Jewish students and the Jewish community are blatantly Antisemitic, unconscionable, and dangerous – they have absolutely no place on any college campus, or anywhere in the United States of America,” Bates said about a week ago.

However, the condemnation came DAYS after the “protests” erupted and only after massive complaints from Jews nationwide.

Vivek Saxena


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