Fox News slammed for coverage on Jan 6 anniversary, so guess who dominated the ratings?

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In a great feat of irony, Fox News managed to dominate the entire media landscape, ratings-wise, on Thursday, Jan. 6th, despite its lone decision to steer its coverage toward topics of actual importance to the American people at large.

Thursday saw Fox’s 1.77 million total average day viewers significantly beat CNN’s 845,000 and MSNBC’s 1.18 million. During prime time, Fox’s average of 2.83 million total day viewers led CNN’s 1.14 million and MSNBC’s 1.92 million,” Mediaite has confirmed.

The irony is notable because left-wing activists and their numerous allies in the establishment press, particularly on CNN and MSNBC, had complained all throughout Thursday about Fox News’ decision to not center its reporting that day on the Jan. 6th riot — or “insurrection,” as the network’s critics falsely called it.

In fact, instead of regurgitating what appear to be Democrat Party talking points about the riot, several Fox News hosts reportedly bashed the talking heads at other networks for their obsession with it. This, too, displeased the network’s critics.

Here’s a small sample of that bashing:

To hear them tell it, all that anybody in America — and the whole world, actually — cared about this Thursday was the one-day Jan. 6th riot that, as a reminder, had reportedly led to one direct death and $1.5 million in damages.

Fox News’ stunning ratings suggest otherwise.

Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” drew an estimated 3.5 million viewers at 8:00 pm that evening. Conversely, CNN’s “Live From the Capitol” drew in only 1.2 million. Even MSNBC’s “All In” attracted more viewers (1.5 million).

The difference in performance between Fox News’ “The Five” and CNN’s “The Lead” was even starker:

(Source: Mediaite)

What does all this data say about the Jan. 6th riot and its relevance to the American people? Some might say that it shows that the obsession with the riot seen among the left is “an elite fixation,” as journalist Michael Trace put it.

“The alleged ‘trauma’ of Jan 6 was experienced largely by politicians and journalists, two of the most hated groups in the country. Hence Jan 6 = largely an elite fixation. Pearl Harbor precipitated the entire country mobilizing for World War. Such an abysmally stupid comparison,” he tweeted Thursday.

The “trauma” he referenced was so painful for “survivors” of the few-hours-long riot that “emotional support” dogs were reportedly brought to the Capitol to comfort “victims” like, say, CNN’s Kasie Hunt.


As a reminder, the riot lasted one day — unlike the months-long and far deadlier and costlier Black Lives Matter riots that were downplayed, whitewashed, and at times even defended by the entire establishment press.

As in the establishment press that continues to be outperformed by Fox News …

Vivek Saxena


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