Young Gen Z ambassador suddenly and hilariously throws up live on air

Life comes at you fast, that’s what Peter McIndoe discovered when he spewed his morning coffee all over the place while trying to give a live interview.

The topic was supposed to be his “Birds Aren’t Real” movement, which is a satirization of conspiracy theories, but has grown to have a rather large social media impact. As such, a Chicago news team thought it would be fun to interview him and get his opinions on a few things.

“So are there people that find your account and think that it’s real?” asked WGN Morning News anchor Robin Baumgarten.

“You know, I think there’s a lot of people that find our social media accounts and see a different side of Gen Z in America. You know, Gen Z is full of some amazing men, women and children that are aiming for change. And I think that that is, you know, just what our movement is all about,” McIndoe replied.

Watch below, if your stomach can handle it:

“But it’s more than just Gen Z’s falling for conspiracy theories…” began co-anchor Larry Potash, before being interrupted by McIndoe’s emesis.

“I’m so nervous! I’m so sorry!” the satirist shouted.

The camera quickly cut away and Potash offered words of kindness to the man.

“All right, well, we hope you’re OK. Why don’t we give you some time to collect yourself? If you need help, let us know in the control room there and we’ll get back to you if we can,” he said.

However, the hosts weren’t entirely convinced that what happened to McIndoe was a sudden, unexpected event.

“I don’t think we really know for sure now. Kind of stuck in the middle there. We wish him the best,” said Potash. “You know, if we got punked. Shame on us. And if he’s really sick and he’s got an issue of some kind, we hope he’s okay.”

The “birds aren’t real” Twitter account neither confirmed nor denied that the vomiting was intentional, but the tweets they issued (clip attached, of course) definitely seemed to lean more toward intentional.

Sierra Marlee


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