Gaza Strip air drops underway, White House admits Hamas ‘likely’ recipients of US aid

With airdrops underway in Gaza, a White House admission of the anticipated recipients fueled outcry that “Biden funds Hamas.”

The days of peace through strength and a reputation for not negotiating with terrorists appeared to have been supplanted by kowtowing and capitulation. Mere days after President Joe Biden teased a ceasefire on the horizon American forces linked up with Jordanians to begin dropping humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

The reality that the likely recipient would not be the intended recipient could not be ignored by White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby as he was confronted on the matter during Friday’s White House press briefing.

After being asked, “how the U.S. ensures that the airdropped aid gets to the people who need it and doesn’t end up in the hands of Hamas?” Kirby responded in part, “This is — this is a tough military mission to do because so many parameters have to be exactly right…And, again, the planning will be robust on this. That said, I think — I don’t ‘think’ — I know that we will learn from the first airdrops and this will be a part of a sustained effort. This isn’t going to be one and done. There will be additional airdrops planned and executed. And with each one, I think we’ll learn more, and we’ll get — we’ll get better at them.”

Commentator Katie Pavlich summarized in a series of tweets, “Kirby says dropping aid into Gaza is a very and extremely difficult military operation and cannot give an answer about what the U.S. is doing to prevent Hamas from stealing it.”

“Kirby now admitting the first few U.S. aid drops into Gaza will likely get stolen by Hamas and that they’ll ‘learn’ as they go,” she added.

Saturday, Biden promoted the effort that had yet to see remaining hostages freed after nearly five months of captivity and asserted that he wanted to see even more resources committed to the region.

“Together with Jordan, the United States airdropped the first package of aid into Gaza today,” he said on X. “The amount of aid flowing to Gaza is not nearly enough and we will continue to pull out every stop we can to get more aid in.”

The day prior, Biden had previewed the intended airdrops prompting conservative radio host Dana Loesch and others to lambast the administration for evidently knowingly aiding and abetting the Islamic extremists.

“Biden funds Hamas. Biden funds terrorism. Absolute tyrant,” she wrote on social media.

The airdrop comes as a White House official reportedly confirmed to the Associated Press that Israel had agreed to the framework of a ceasefire ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and that, “Right now, the ball is in the court of Hamas and we are continuing to push this as hard as we possibly can.”

Kevin Haggerty


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