George Santos addresses potential plea deal: ‘You don’t know what life is going to come at you, you know?’

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) isn’t ready to agree to a potential plea deal with federal prosecutors on a laundry list of charges brought against him by the Biden Justice Department.

The embattled New York Republican appeared on Thursday’s edition of “Dan Abrams Live” on NewsNation where he discussed whether he would cut a deal over the charges that include money laundering, making false statements, theft, and fraud that led to calls for him to resign from the Long Island congressional seat that he won in 2022.

“Right now I’m not,” Santos told the host when asked whether he’s prepared to consider pleading guilty to make deal a with the DOJ.

(Video: YouTube/NewsNation)

“I’m not making any assertions right now. Like I said earlier, I’m like, it’s — right now, the answer is no. But you just never know. Life is – you don’t know what life is going to come at you, you know?” Santos added.

The 35-year-old lawmaker was also pressed by Abrams on whether he intends to run for reelection despite his legal troubles and reputation of being less than truthful with his constituents during his congressional campaign.

“You have any chance? I mean, I gotta believe you’ve got almost no chance. I mean, am I wrong?” Abrams asked.

“Uh, look, remember Chris Collins, upstate New York?” Santos responded, referring to the GOP lawmaker who won reelection despite his own legal issues.  “He was reelected under indictment. We’ve had members of Congress on both sides of the aisle get reelected under indictment because you’re fighting, you’re innocent until proven guilty.”

“That’s true. So if we don’t have that, we’re eliminating the due process here by admitting guilt. I’m not guilty of anything until that’s proven,” he added.

Abrams then asked, “Well, you’ve admitted that you’re responsible for your lies, right? I mean, yeah, I’m not saying guilty in a court of law.”

“You know what, Dan? I wish every politician that got caught fibbing would go on national television and get scolded like I did by Tulsi Gabbard,” Santos responded. “I’d love to see Blumenthal do it. I’d love to see Elizabeth Warren. I’d love to see the President of the United States do it. I mean, 40 years lying to the American people, continues to lie to the American people and doesn’t admit to it. It’s always, oh, that was a Freudian slip. Oh, that was, oh well, he misspoke.”

The host pressed the congressman on his invoking President Joe Biden, a man with a documented history of spewing lies.

“Do you think that’s, you think it’s comparable? You think that the kinds of lies you told are comparable?” Abrams asked.

“Sure! Top of his class in law school, a scholarship. I mean, none of that was real. I mean, hey, draws inspiration, man,” Santos said.

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