Georgia school board votes to fire teacher who read 5th-grade class a book on gender fluidity

Following a two-day termination hearing, a Georgia school board voted along party lines to fire a veteran teacher who read a book on gender fluidity to her class of fifth-graders.

As BizPac Review reported, Due West Elementary teacher Katie Rinderle was given the option of retiring or facing termination proceedings after she read the book “My Shadow Is Purple,” which features a nonbinary character, to her young students.

Rinderle, known to have a spotless record over her ten years of teaching, chose the latter, arguing that the book was “about inclusivity, balance, acceptance, and being true to yourself.”

The panel of three retired school principals ultimately found that Rinderle had violated district policies, but recommended that the Cobb County School Board should not fire her, the Associated Press reports.

When the suburban Atlanta board voted, they did so along party lines: the four Republican members voted to give her the boot, and, after attempting and failing to delay the vote, the board’s three Democrats voted to keep her on.

“Superintendent Chris Ragsdale, who is backed by the Republican majority, had originally recommended Rinderle be fired,” according to AP News.

“The district is pleased that this difficult issue has concluded; we are very serious about keeping our classrooms focused on teaching, learning, and opportunities for success for students,” said the Cobb County district in a press release. “The board’s decision is reflective of that mission.”

Rinderle released a statement through the Southern Poverty Law Center, which aided in her defense, claiming that the district’s policies are “intentionally vague.”

“The district is sending a harmful message that not all students are worthy of affirmation in being their unapologetic and authentic selves,” she said in the statement. “This decision, based on intentionally vague policies, will result in more teachers self-censoring in fear of not knowing where the invisible line will be drawn.”

Following the meeting, Rinderle’s attorney, Craig Goodmark, told reporters that, given the vague nature of the policies, his client could not know what was or wasn’t prohibited. According to the lawyer, the vote to fire Rinderle was “an act that only can be construed as politics over policy.”

“It’s impossible for a teacher to know what’s in the minds of parents when she starts her lesson,” he said. “For parents to be able, with a political agenda, to come in from outside the classroom and have a teacher fired is completely unfair. It’s not right. It’s terrible for Georgia’s education system.”

On X, many are applauding the school board for voting Rinderle out.

“Good. The government should not be pushing ‘gender fluidity’ on children,” stated Christopher F. Rufo, author of “America’s Cultural Revolution.”

“Public school teachers are employees of the state and, as the Supreme Court has held, do not have unlimited First Amendment rights in the discharge of their official duties. They have to follow policies, guidelines, and curricula,” he continued. “This teacher violated the policies and was fired.”

“Left-wing activists want to hijack the public school classroom to push bizarre and false sexual theories onto other people’s children,” he added. “Parents, through their elected representatives and school boards, have an absolute right to say ‘no’ to the sexualization of their kids.”

Others agreed.

“Big win,” said Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon.

“The most obvious question here being why was a 5th grade teacher reading a book about gender fluidity to a class?” Washington Examiner journalist Christopher Tremoglie said. “This is how the indoctrination and brainwashing starts and this is how 5th graders are trained to become adults who vote in support of these things.”

“Outstanding. This is exactly how it should go, in every area still controlled by the right. The teacher should also be fined and blacklisted from teaching in the entire state,” the popular Oilfield Rando account stated.

“You know what? The students she was reading it to were 10-11 years old,” Rando added. “Throw in some jail time too.”

Melissa Fine


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