Geraldo explodes on GOP senators for ‘savage attacks on Fauci’ accuses them of creating ‘a Bazaar for Bozos’

Fox News’s liberal co-host Geraldo Rivera took to Twitter on Tuesday to blast two Republican senators who he believes are turning the Senate into “The Jerry Springer Show.”

He ripped the “low-brow rudeness” of Sens. Rand Paul, Kentucky, and Roger Marshall, Kansas, for their “attacks” on the nation’s leading immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“Senate used to be “the world’s most deliberative body.” Lately, it’s been a Bazaar for Bozos. The low-brow, rudeness displayed by senators like Paul and Marshall has remade the Upper Chamber into a Jerry Springer Show. Their savage attacks on #DrAnthonyFauci have no shame,” he ranted.

Twitter users weren’t impressed with Rivera’s outburst:

Perhaps Rivera prefers when consummate professionals such as Dr. Fauci call elected officials “morons” without first checking to make sure his microphone has been properly muted.

Sierra Marlee


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