Geraldo tries to pin Hannity on whether MTG is ‘normal or crazy’ after congresswoman’s interview

Fox News host Sean Hannity sparred with guest Geraldo Rivera on Wednesday with the leftist demanding to know if he thought Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was “normal or crazy” just moments after an interview with the unrepentant congresswoman took place on Wednesday.

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Greene sat down with Hannity on Wednesday to discuss her heckling President Biden over his false claim that Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare, calling him a liar. She’s not sorry for doing so in the least.

Immediately following that interview, Rivera referenced comments from Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders who gave the rebuttal to Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.

“The dividing line in America is no longer between right or left,” she stated, ostensibly referring to Democrats, not Greene. “The choice is between normal or crazy.”

“Well Sean, the first thing I’d like to start with is a question our friend, Governor Sanders – the hit of the night – said the world is now divided… it’s not Republican/Democrat right/left, red/blue anymore,” Rivera remarked. “It’s normal and crazy, normal/crazy. So, I’m gonna ask you, Sean. Which side of that divide – normal/crazy – is Marjorie Taylor Greene? Is she the new normal? Because if she is, the Republicans are not gonna win any more elections.”

“I will answer,” Hannity responded.

“The Green New Deal radical socialists are absolutely insane and there’s no such thing as a moderate Democrat that exists in Washington or seemingly around the country,” he insisted. “So, yeah. I would say they’re all crazy, those people that are making policy that stopped building the wall, that stop domestic energy production, those people that believe in defunding, dismantling the police. Those people are crazy, yes, insane, out of their mind.”

Greene told Hannity earlier that she has no regrets concerning her outburst.

People are p***ed off. He got exactly what he deserved. And I’m not sorry one bit,” she said in an interview according to the Daily Mail.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Despite House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy reportedly shushing his fellow Republicans during the speech, Greene says she doesn’t think the speaker was mad about the disruptions.

“I don’t think Speaker McCarthy is upset with any of us for expressing our views and being unwilling to allow the president to lie. What am I gonna do, stand up and give golf claps? No thank you. I don’t clap for liars,” she stated.

(Video Credit: Daily Mail)

Biden falsely claimed in his speech that he has rebuilt the economy and quelled inflation following the pandemic. He also enraged Republicans when he said they want to “hold the economy hostage.”

The president was confronted by many GOP lawmakers during his speech over claims about his administration’s handling of the fentanyl crisis and the economy. Raucous cries of “Liar!” “It’s all your fault!” and “Secure the border!’ could be heard from the floor.

(Video Credit: Daily Mail)

(Video Credit: Daily Mail)

Polls are showing that Americans feel they are worse off financially with Biden at the helm and that the economy is in worse shape due to his policies.

“Well, the president was trying to goad the members – and the members are passionate about it,” McCarthy told “Fox and Friends” Wednesday morning in an interview. “But the one thing the president was saying was something he knew wasn’t true. I just spent an hour with him, I’ve said it many times before – Social Security and Medicare are off the table.”

“He tries to use that for a political ploy,” he charged. “But the one thing we need to be is we need to be smart. He’s trying to play politics with the debt ceiling by not negotiating, by lying about our position. I want to be responsible, I want to be sensible, I want to sit down and work through this problem.”

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