Ghislaine Maxwell’s appeal may fizzle if estranged hubby doesn’t pony up nearly $2 million in legal fees

The appeal of Jeffrey Epstein’s convicted gal pal, Ghislaine Maxwell, against her 20-year prison sentence may hinge on her estranged husband, who dumped her via a jailhouse call for his younger, freer yoga teacher.

It seems Scott Borgerson, 46, who secretly married the 60-year-old Maxwell in 2016, has refused to pay his disgraced wife’s $900,000 legal bill or to pony up the $1 million her defense lawyers require to appeal her sentence, and the January deadline is fast approaching, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

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Prior to her 2020 arrest, Maxwell transferred up to £20 million into a trust fund, giving Borgerson control of her sizeable fortune.

But Borgerson’s commitment to his sex trafficking wife reportedly fell apart when he fell for his yoga instructor, mother-of-two Kris McGinn. Rather than attend Maxwell’s trial, he was apparently doing the Downward Dog.

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“Until the cash is transferred, her legal team is unlikely to meet a January deadline, forcing her to face the prospect she might die behind bars,” the Daily Mail writes.

According to Maxwell’s friends, Borgerson is using his extraordinary circumstances as a means to negotiate his divorce.

“He thinks if he drags it out, she will give him most of the money,” one friend stated. “She is in jail… not much she can do from there.”

“He doesn’t trust what Maxwell’s lawyers are telling him,” argued a legal source.

Until prosecutors brought him up at her 2020 trial, even her family was in the dark about the nuptials.

Maxwell reportedly met Borgerson in Iceland in 2013, and the couple said their vows three years later.

“Her brothers were astonished to find out that not only was she married, but she had made all her money over to Scott,” a source close to the family told the Daily Mail.

Borgerson, who went into hiding after Epstein [giant air quotes] hanged himself [giant air quotes] in jail, calls the claims against him “fake news.”

Though he failed even once to visit Maxwell in jail, he pointed to legal testimony from Huddon, Morgan and Foreman, the Colorado law firm that represented his wife in the trial, which stated he “expressed cooperation, transparency and honesty” in discussions.

Meanwhile, the law firm has launched a lawsuit against Maxwell and her brother Kevin for almost $900,00.

According to court documents, Epstein funneled tens of millions of dollars to Maxwell, and her swanky New York home sold for $15 million.

As American Wire reported in June, Maxwell’s attorneys vowed to appeal her 20-year sentence, claiming the media’s focus on her case had “left little room for her to be treated fairly.”

“We all know that the person who should have been sentenced today escaped accountability, avoided his victims, avoided absorbing their pain and receiving the punishment he truly deserved,” attorney Bobbi Sternheim said at the time.

The plan has been for Maxwell to request a prisoner exchange with the U.K.

If granted, she could potentially serve far less than two decades behind bars, as, in the U.K., she would be eligible to have up to a third of her sentence dismissed for good behavior and another third for remission.




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