‘Go f**k yourself’: Dana White to UFC sponsor who told him to delete pro-Trump video

UFC CEO and President Dana White made it clear during an interview with comedian and podcaster Theo Von that he will “never, ever answer to a f**king advertiser,” insisting that you “can’t ever let these f**king people hold you hostage or try to change who you are or what you stand for, or try to determine how you are going to run your business.”

On that note, White said he told a big UFC sponsor to “go f**k yourself” when the unnamed company pushed him to remove a video about Donald Trump that he shared on social media.

“One of our big sponsors called and said, take that down,” White told Theo Von. “You know what I said? Go f*** yourself.”

“You vote for whoever you want to vote for, and I’ll vote for whoever I want to vote for,” he continued. “That’s how this works. I don’t even care who you’re voting for. It’s none of my f**king business. F**k you. Don’t ever f**king call me and tell me who to vote for.”

Theo chimed in to say a lot of people “feel in fear these days… that if they don’t vote for certain people they’re going to lose their jobs,” citing Hollywood as an example.

White and Trump are longtime friends and he was seen escorting the former president into Madison Square Garden over the weekend for UFC 295 — Trump entered the arena like a boss, accompanied by Tucker Carlson and Kid Rock while the iconic rocker’s “American Badass” played over the PA system.

The UFC boss also spoke in support of Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

White said he would react similarly to any UFC sponsor who took issue with his longstanding friendship with Trump.

“I’m at a point now in my life and my career where I want to be with people that I’m aligned with,” White said. “It’s not just about the money. It is about the money because it’s a sponsorship deal, but it’s not just [about the money]. I’m not going to take a bigger offer if it’s not something that I am aligned with and I don’t 100 percent believe in.”

“When you do a sponsorship deal with somebody,” he continued, “you have to look deep into who they are and who’s running the company, who’s making the decisions, and are you aligned?”

Tom Tillison


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