GOP lawmaker blasts Dems for the ‘sexualization of everything’

The modern Democratic party is obsessed with sex, especially the homosexual variety, and a GOP House lawmaker said that the Easter Sunday controversy is just the latest example.

President Joe Biden’s proclamation to recognize a faux holiday called “Transgender Visibility Day” on the holiest day of the year for the Christian religion may have been one outrage too many and the backlash has been intense because when a political party sexualizes everything, not even Easter is sacred.

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) slammed the left’s twisted obsession with sexualization during an appearance on Fox Business, noting that there are already nearly 150 calendar days devoted to recognizing the very special alphabet people.

(Video: Fox Business)

“They could have talked about Easter first at least – and they’re not even talking about – this is what I don’t understand the left,” the congresswoman said. “We have three months devoted to LGBTQ issues, you transgender month. An entire month, not just a day is the month of November,” referring to the 30 days given the minuscule but disproportionately influential demographic for Transgender Awareness Month.

“We have Pride Month in June, and there’s LGBT History Month which is the month of October,” she continued, citing conservative commentator Charlie Kirk who among others, pointed out that “there’s 145 days on the calendar to these LGBTQ issues and the sexualization of our world.”

“And yet, the one most important day where we recognize Easter, you know where Jesus Christ has risen, a sacred day in Christendom, we have to get into this issue,” Rep. Tenney said. “And why so much confusion for children? This is the part that concerns me. What about the children out there?  And by the way, the Biden Administration did not apologize for the fact that you could not have any religious reference on Easter eggs to the White House. This is a Christian holiday a religious holiday. That’s it.”

“Look, I’ve heard about this all day yesterday, and I have been throughout the district today, and everybody’s talking about it,” she added. “It may have not surfaced in polls, but people are talking about it, and people are appalled with this.”

“It shouldn’t be a left-right issue. This is a sacred day, especially celebrated by Christians and respected by all religions,” she said . “That’s the point of our country — is to respect religious differences. But this is what worries me. … This sexualization of everything on the left and not focusing on the things that are important. Getting to work … being prosperous, caring for families, and isn’t, shouldn’t it be about families? You know? And everything from the left is against families.”

“That’s the part that concerns me, we’re losing the family unit, the love that comes from family, the holidays which are supposed to be celebrated by families and yet we’ve got to celebrate….,” the congresswoman stated. “ And look, I have all the respect in the world for people who are transgender, but do they need 145 days of LGBT recognition? We don’t even recognize our veterans that many days a year.”

“And this is why it concerns me, this over hyper-focus on these issues,” she said.

Chris Donaldson


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