GOP lawmakers seek to ban DEI in medical schools: ‘No place for discrimination’

On the hook for billions of dollars, GOP lawmakers prepared to hand medical schools a tough pill to swallow over the leftist practices.

As Marxism marched through the institutions, conservatives have endeavored to push back on ideological indoctrination wherever possible. Tuesday, that included the introduction of legislation specifically geared toward cutting the pursestrings for graduate medical schools pushing diversity, equity and inclusion.

“American medical schools are the best in the world and no place for discrimination,” read a statement from urologist and North Carolina Rep. Greg Murphy, who sponsored the bill with an initial 35 cosponsors.

“The EDUCATE Act compels medical schools and accrediting agencies to uphold colorblind admissions processes and prohibits the coercion of students who hold certain political opinions. Diversity strengthens medicine,” he continued, “but not if it’s achieved through exclusionary practices. Medicine is about serving others and doing the best job possible in every circumstance. We cannot afford to sacrifice the excellence and quality of medical education at the hands of prejudice and divisive ideology.”

Writing for the Wall Street Journal along with the chair of Do No Harm, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, Murphy said, “Accrediting institutions are pushing all of America’s 158 accredited medical schools to train future physicians in political activism, wasting precious time and resources that could be spent on rigorous coursework and preparation for medical practice,” threatening the quality of care for patients in the future.

According to the Daily Mail, accredited medical programs in fiscal year 2022 had a combined revenue of over $180 billion of which $26 billion had been supplied as federal research grants and contracts.

To combat the wasteful spending, the eight-page bill specifically states its purpose as, “To amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to prohibit graduate medical schools from receiving Federal financial assistance if such schools adopt certain policies and requirements relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion,” and would also nix student loans for medical schools peddling racial discrimination and having dedicated DEI offices.

In his own statement, Goldfarb expressed, “I have witnessed firsthand the alarming rate at which DEI ideology has spread through medical schools across the country. If we fail to stop it, we risk a generation of physicians ill-equipped to meet the needs of their patients.”

The GOP legislators were joined by founding member of Free Black Thought, Tabia Lee, who had once been a DEI faculty member in California’s community college system. During the press conference, she contended, “I’m neither a Republican or a Democrat. But I have the good sense to know that the idea that present and future discrimination as a remedy for past termination is not only contrary to American law and the Constitution, but it’s dangerously anti-American at its core.”

Likewise, House Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Development chair Utah Rep. Burgess Owens reacted to the challenge of addressing the disproportionate number of black practicing physicians.

“The answer is simple,” said Owens, “teach them like everybody else. Let’s get rid of this idea that we cannot perform. Give them the opportunity to learn; school choice so parents can put their kids in the best schools.”

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, while making up roughly 14% of the overall population, blacks accounted for less than 6% of all practicing physicians compared to nearly 7% Hispanic, over 20% Asian and nearly 64% white.

Citing statistics that in 2017 three-quarters of black male students in the Golden State were unable to read or write to a standard level, the congressman asserted, “That should be the concern. If you don’t teach them to read or write when they’re younger, they’re not gonna be a physician.”

“Once we stop believing in our kids, they start failing. So let’s get this education thing taken care of, you’ll find that 5 percent go to 50 percent,” he added.

Kevin Haggerty


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