‘Gossip Girl’ star facing rabies shots over terrifying on-stage encounter with a bat

A former actress is facing a round of rabies shots after a terrifying incident involving a bat bite while she performed with her band on stage.

Taylor Momsen, who played Jenny Humphrey on the hit CW series “Gossip Girl” was performing with her band The Pretty Reckless in Sevilla, Spain, last week when a bat landed on her dress and then bit her leg. The 30-year-old shared the harrowing details as well as pictures from her hospital trip, telling fans that she now faces rabies vaccine shots for the next two weeks.

“So…ROCK AND ROLL MOMENT…in Sevilla Wednesday during ‘Witches Burn’ of all songs… a BAT flew onto me and clung to my leg….” Momsen wrote in an Instagram post that shared a video of the encounter.

“In the moment I was performing and had no idea until the incredible crowd kept screaming and pointing,” she added.


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“He was cute, but yes he bit me…so rabies shots for the next two weeks thanks to all the staff at the hospital who dubbed me #batgirl after seeing it on the local news that morning…more footage to come…that’s one for the books!!!! @acdc #pwrup #BATGIRL,” wrote Momsen, who played the memorable Cindy Lou Who in the 2000 film, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

In the video clip, the singer-songwriter was seen trying to figure out why the crowd was trying to get her attention.

“You guys are pointing at something and I don’t know what you’re saying,” she said before walking away and spotting the creature clinging to the hem of her dress.

“Holy f—!” she exclaimed as she told the crowd, “There’s a f—— flying bat on my leg right now.”

Crew members responded to her call for help and she stood still while they figured out how to remove the bat. Momsen continued to engage with the audience, even thanking one fan who yelled, “Muy professional!”

“Gracias!” the former model replied as the crowd applauded.

“It’s alright,” she declared after the bat was removed.

“And the bat’s fine,” she added. “He’s gonna be my new friend.”

Included in her dramatic recount of the night’s events, Momsen shared a clip of her lying in the hospital as she flashed a thumbs up. She also included a video of a nurse administering the shot and the bite marks on her thigh from where the bat had punctured her skin.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rabies treatment includes “a dose of human rabies immune globulin (HRIG), and a series of four or five rabies vaccines, which must be administered as soon as possible after exposure.”

The Pretty Reckless was formed by Momsen in 2009 and is currently on tour with AC/DC.

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