‘I love San Francisco’: Resilient shop owner turns to GoFundMe to recover from $300K robbery

A California business owner’s response to suffering a six-figure loss in only the latest in a slew of burglaries summed up the “spirit” that has driven the City by the Bay to ruin.

New York City may be a brand, but San Francisco, where the streets may as well be paved with human excrement, remained a haven for those who “let their freak flag fly.” Recently Benjamin Wang, the owner of Dare Fashion spoke with Fox News Digital about the attitude of the city that perpetuated its downward spiral that threatened to put him out of business after a $300,000 burglary.

“I love San Francisco,” he explained. “I really, really do. I really believe in what San Francisco has always stood for, right? Which is, it’s a progressive place where we’re going to try new things, and it’s always been a place where we would think compassionately about other people.”

“But I really do think that we kinda got ahead of our skis a little bit. We tried some things, and when they didn’t work, we doubled down on them,” continued Wang.

After 17 years of business, the purveyor of Goth, Victorian, and Steampunk outfits told Fox News Digital that in the last three years, there had been five robberies of his goods. KTVU reported that of the hundreds of thousands worth of office equipment and merchandise, 1,000 necklaces and 1,200 costumes had been pilfered.

“When preparing for…World Goth Day,” Dare Fashion’s social media account posted, “our office was robbed of $300K of merch+…We were devastated, but went to the festival to vend. We had success & so much fun! Now we move forward.”

As Wang noted, the city, and state for that matter, often “doubled down” in ways that escalated problems. Be it California’s Prop 47 in 2014 that fostered a culture of theft with a soft-on-crime approach that considered theft of goods under $950 to be a misdemeanor instead of a felony or San Francisco’s allotment of $5 million annually for a “managed alcohol program” that serves up “controlled doses” of beer, wine and liquor to the homeless, actions from the local and state government have repeatedly exacerbated crises of drugs, homelessness, and crime.

“There is a lot of… human poop and pee on the street. And we have to acknowledge that’s not hygienic and that’s disgusting,” Wang said, as he attempted to balance reality with compassion.

While the business owner noted to KTVU that he relocated his merchandise to a safer office space in Japantown, he admitted that he was surprised to learn his insurance policy only covered liability and the stolen goods were not under his plan. That prompted a crowdfunding effort with a target of $60,000 that, at the time of this post, had pulled in over $24,000.

“People have always come to San Francisco to kind of let their freak flag fly and to be themselves,” Wang told Fox News Digital while intending to keep his feet planted in the leftist haven. “I just don’t think that even if with bad policies, even with all this other stuff happening, you can’t crush that spirit.”

Kevin Haggerty


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