Gov. Abbott has message for sanctuary cities on migrant busing and they won’t like it

A refusal to budge on the border barriers wasn’t all Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) promised as he delivered a message to sanctuary cities across the country.

Beyond the hyperbole of civil war, the Lone Star State squabble with President Joe Biden’s administration over handling the border crisis has provided a long overdue civics lesson on sovereignty. While Republican governors throughout the United States have backed Abbott’s cause, he continued another lesson on reaping what you sow for those who’ve long favored open borders.

On his personal X account Monday, the governor spoke to the busing strategy that has given previously proud sanctuary cities a genuine taste of how devastating the crisis has been with a promise to keep up the pressure.

“Texas has transported over 102,000 migrants to sanctuary cities,” he wrote. “Overwhelmed Texas border towns should not bear the brunt of Biden’s open border policies. Our transportation mission will continue until Biden secures the border.”

While many have questioned Abbott’s strategy of moving illegals deeper into the country, with some even dragging it as a political stunt, Democrat-run cities have undoubtedly felt the impact while experiencing only a fraction of the millions of foreign nationals that have flooded into the United States under Biden’s watch.

Denver, Colorado, which had reported an influx of 40,000 illegals, recently gave notice to those living in shelters at the expense of taxpayers that their time would be capped and evictions were forthcoming.

Meanwhile, at Boston Logan International Airport, roughly 100 aliens had been seen sleeping overnight as, like Chicago O’Hare International Airport and San Diego International Airport, it became an improvised shelter impacting infrastructure and the distribution of first responders.

As local and state governments in New York, Massachusetts and Illinois sought billions from the federal government to aid in responding to the crisis, Abbott joined Fox News host Sean Hannity Monday with a reminder that Texas’ actions, specifically toward securing the border, have not only been legal, but are the preferred path forward by Biden’s own agents.

“They want to have nothing to do with regard to tearing down that razor wire or tearing down the barriers that Texas has erected for one simple reason: And that’s because they are working,” the governor said of Border Patrol being pitted against Texas officials following the Supreme Court’s decision to vacate a lower court ruling, thus siding with Biden’s effort to remove razor wire in Eagle Pass, Texas.

“Border patrol says that what Texas has done to secure the border actually makes their job even easier. The only resistance we’re facing is coming from Joe Biden,” explained the governor who indicated that only six people had crossed into the area Sunday where as many as 3,000 had previously been seen, and each was readily detained.

Despite tough talk from the administration, an ultimatum-bearing deadline passed without incident and was responded to with a demand from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to the Department of Homeland Security that they provide documented proof to support any of the administration’s claims against Texas’ actions thus far.

Kevin Haggerty


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