Gov Hochul slams NYC Mayor Adams over handling of migrant crisis, claims he did ‘not accept’ state help

Gov. Kathy Hochul blasted fellow Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams, claiming the city has “failed” to handle the immigration crisis as 100,000 asylum-seekers have flooded the Big Apple.

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It appears that the Left is eating its own in New York these days as they point fingers of blame at one another. It’s apparent that Hochul wants to distance herself from New York City’s illegal immigrant problem so the political fallout doesn’t implode her career.

Hochul’s attorney sent a scathing 12-page scathing obtained by the New York Times to the mayor’s office crowing over the steps the governor’s administration has taken to handle the problem while Adams has allegedly turned down the state’s help or recommendations regarding the immigration crisis.

“The State has identified numerous additional State-owned properties and non-State owned sites that are viable options for sheltering migrants, but the City has not accepted these offers,” the letter from lawyer Faith E. Gay charged while asserting that New York City refused to accept assistance that could have housed over 3,000 immigrants.

“Well, it is true that they did not accept some of the help we offered. That’s a statement of fact,” Hochul told Spectrum News NY1 on Wednesday in an interview.

She went on to comment that a number of state-owned sites are still available to house illegal immigrants. Hochul claimed there are 12 sites spread throughout New York City.

“Creedmoor is going to cost probably $350 million,” the governor noted, referring to the city’s newest migrant relief shelter at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens Village, intended to house thousands of illegal immigrants.

“We offered Riverbank State Park. We offered Aqueduct. We have smaller sites as well,” Hochul remarked.

She contended that New York is still looking for additional sites. The governor also stated that she spoke to the Biden administration on Wednesday and urged the White House to approve using Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field for housing.

Hochul is full of blame, mostly for Adams. She says that his administration doesn’t always share “necessary information” or consult with the state and that he has failed to implement “programs in a timely manner” or make “timely requests for regulatory changes.”

The Washington Examiner reported, “New York is legally held accountable to provide shelter to those who seek it, but Hochul claims the city has failed to fulfill its responsibilities. Adams asked a judge in May to suspend its long-standing requirement, but the request has not been granted yet. The rule was set in place in 1981 after a court ruled the city must provide temporary housing for every homeless person who seeks it.”

Adams announced last week that the tsunami of illegal immigrants will cost New York City an estimated $12 billion by the summer of 2025 if the current rate of arrivals stays the course. He is calling on the Biden administration to do something about the situation which seems to entail declaring a state of emergency on the southern border.

Republican state Sen. Tom O’Mara argued for a state of emergency order in upstate counties on Tuesday to handle the influx of illegal immigrants. He wrote that the crisis is due to a “failed response on the state and federal levels.”

“While Governor Hochul and Acting Commissioner Guinn appreciate Mayor Adams’s public acknowledgment of the State’s significant role in the crisis response, the City can and should do more to act in a proactive and collaborative manner with the State,” Hochul’s letter read.

“The migrant crisis has been extremely costly and will continue to require significant financial resources,” the letter added. “Neither the City nor the State should have to absorb these operational needs or costs for what is a matter of federal concern.”

The letter also questioned management of funds by the city’s main subcontractor, and the city’s decision to allow migrants to sleep on the street outside The Roosevelt Hotel.

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