Gov Youngkin expertly skirts Bret Baier’s bait on Trump’s slam of Mitch McConnell’s wife

Fox News anchor Bret Baier may have no compunctions about laying cover for swamp RINOs through his ongoing debasement of former President Donald Trump, but Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin would have none of it Monday as he pushed back with “good ideas” over “calling people names.”

(Video: Fox News)

Whatever love the powers that be at Fox News may have once had for Trump, an undeniable preference for the establishment arm of the Republican Party has continually cropped up in a seeming effort to return to the status quo. Few voices on the network have demonstrated this as much as Baier has and during a conversation on “Special Report” about the midterms, he appeared poised to align conservative political newcomer Youngkin with the less than popular Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)

“Your name’s been coming a lot up in discussion about 2024. I’m not going to press you on this because I think I know the answer already,” Baier said as Youngkin has been out campaigning for fellow Republicans as November draws closer. “But I do want to press you on this aspect of it, in your win for governor, a lot of experts said you did a great job of touching the Trump voter to make sure that you were dealing with those concerns, but also dealing with moderates.”

“When you have the former president over the weekend posting on Truth Social this statement that gets a lot of–raises a lot of eyebrows and calls for–he says that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has a ‘death wish’ and that he ‘must seek immediate help and…advice from his China-loving wife, Coco Chow, that’s to quote from the post. What do you say to that and how do you react to it?”

As covered by BizPacReview, the left had jumped on Trump’s post (as with most everything the president says) and Baier skirted by the reason behind the figurative statement, which was to emphasize McConnell’s “weakness and cowardice” as Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich explained, in favor of blaming the most incendiary remarks as the root of party division.

Youngkin didn’t bite and instead dismissed Baier’s premise to promote a positive message for Republicans.

“Well, Bret, you know I’m not a name-caller. And, in fact, what I focused on and continue to focus on is bringing people together around common sense solutions to these most difficult and oh, by the way…most difficult issues that are facing people around their kitchen tables every night. And we have great answers for these.”

“But this thing doesn’t help, right?” the anchor insisted and as the governor tried to explain, “We can actually win over and over again by pressing forward answers to problems,” Baier continued to talk over him repeating, “That post doesn’t help.”

Despite the insistence on the question, Youngkin concluded, “Yeah, but, Bret, I’ve just found that calling people names is not the way to, not the way to put forth a good idea. And I think that our ideas, which have really pressed on getting taxes down and funding law enforcement and investing in school choice and making sure that teachers get raises, and oh, by the way, havin’ a very strong view on what we need to be teaching in our schools; teaching our children how to think, not what to think, and on top of that, common sense energy policies today.”

“This is what I think we need to be doing in order to move our country forward,” he emphasized over Baier’s push back toward business as usual. “And that’s what we’re doing in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”


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