Gutfeld puts regime media Muppet Chris Wallace in his place over Tucker insult

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld body slammed CNN’s Chris Wallace over his bitter insult of Tucker Carlson who risked his own personal safety to fly to Moscow where he sat down with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson’s practicing of the now forbidden art of journalism got under the skirt of his former Fox News colleague – who unlike his famous father isn’t a serious journalist – with his two-hour interview of the widely demonized Putin, a talk that since its posting to X on Thursday evening, has racked up nearly 190 million views as of early Sunday morning.

“Tucker Carlson showed up in Moscow to interview Vladimir Putin. It turned out to be anything but an interview,” Wallace said. “Putin droned on for two hours and seven minutes while Tucker sat there like an eager puppy. Occasionally, but rarely, he got in a question.”

“During the Cold War, gullible Westerners who spread Soviet propaganda were dismissed as ‘useful idiots.’ But calling Tucker that is unfair to useful idiots. He’s made a cynical decision to chase MAGA’s affection for dictators, and what better way to cash in than Putin’s Kremlin,” Wallace added.

Gutfeld threw in his two cents by correctly pointing out the difference between the two with one interviewing world leaders and the other one giving tongue baths to celebrities.

“While Tucker was imploring Putin to release an imprisoned American journalist, Chris Wallace was doing the heroic work of interviewing comic George Lopez,” wrote the Fox News funnyman in a brutal jab that underscores the pathetic state of the domestic mainstream media and its unserious mouthpieces for the regime.

Once a top anchor for Fox News, Wallace jumped ship for CNN where he has spent much of his time chatting with celebs on “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace,” with one of his latest interviews being with the Trump-hating Latino comic.

And the bespectacled media Muppet wasn’t even being original, parroting nearly the exact same words to smear Carlson as the embittered sore loser Hillary Clinton who continues to linger in the national spotlight years past her expiration date.

“He’s like a puppy dog… He’s been fired from so many outlets here in the U.S. that I wouldn’t be surprised if he emerges with a contract from a Russian outlet,” the authoritarian former secretary of state said during a softball interview on MSNBC last week.

The Putin interview is one that in a saner, less dumbed-down era in the nation’s history would have been conducted by mainstream media figures like Wallace’s father, the legendary “60 Minutes” newsman Mike Wallace who grilled the Ayatollah Khomeini during the Iran hostage crisis in 1979 and wasn’t accused of being a traitor for doing his job.

There has been much media sniping at Carlson and some of it is almost certainly rooted in jealousy.

Chris Donaldson


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