Trump admits being indicted ‘sure as hell has helped the polls,’ questions Biden’s fitness to run

The former president had choice words for his “grossly incompetent” rival as he admitted one tactic “sure as hell has helped the polls.”

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With his sights set on another victory in South Carolina, former President Donald Trump spoke at a rally Saturday in the wake of President Joe Biden’s impromptu press conference. While reacting to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report appeared to reinforce concerns over the White House resident’s mental fitness, it provided an ample opportunity for his predecessor to highlight the disparity from the Justice Department, and how it helped his campaign.

“They are destroying our country — this group of fascists, they’re destroying our country,” Trump told the supporters gathered in Conway, South Carolina speaking of the Democrats before singling out the president. “Biden is bad for democracy ’cause he is grossly incompetent.”

“Plus he uses DOJ and FBI and everything he can to go after an opponent, and nothing has ever happened like that in this country. Now it does happen in third world countries, in banana republics, but so far it hasn’t — but it’s happened here and I think it’s reverberating against him,” he argued.

“It’s hard to say it’s good to be indicted,” stated a smiling Trump, “but it sure as hell has helped the polls.”

As he had throughout the Republican presidential primary, the former executive made reference to his performance with leads as great as 11 points against Biden. Even a recent NBC News poll showed Trump leading 47% to 42% with 11% either undecided or opposed to both candidates should they be the matchup in November. It also showed double-digit leads in specific areas like 20 points over on the economy and 30 points on the border.

While Biden skipped out on the opportunity to do a pre-Super Bowl interview and had retreated to Delaware after his recent PR disaster, Trump addressed the findings from Hur and cut to the chase on the hypocrisy.

“The special counsel’s report tries to let Biden off by claiming that he is too mentally incompetent to convict at a trial. But if Joe Biden is not fit to charge — they’re not gonna charge him with a crime, but it’s OK for him to become commander-in-chief,” the former president commented as boos and jeers could be heard from the crowd. “Think of that one.”

During the rally, he also said, “Biden’s thugs are still trying to put me in jail on fake charges for crimes that they openly admit that crooked Joe did. Now, I’m not looking for anything to happen to this guy. He wouldn’t know the difference…But this is selective political persecution — not prosecution, persecution.”

“They said, ‘How do we get this guy out?’ What they’re trying to do is use the Justice Department, the local DAs, the Attorney Generals, but nothing’s going to work,” contended Trump. “We’re doing a great job.”

Kevin Haggerty


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