Gutfeld scoffs at claims MAGA is a cult: ‘If Trumpism is a cult, it’s the worst cult in history’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld rejected the claims of so-called “experts” that the MAGA movement – which is led by former President Donald J. Trump – is akin to a cult.

The oft-invoked pejorative to smear patriotic Americans who want to roll back the left-wing cultural revolution that has swept the county as being brainwashed dupes continues to get heavy play in the media as Trump’s support is growing with the most important election in the nation’s history rapidly approaching.

But the “King of Late Night” rejected such assertions as the bunk that it is on Friday’s edition of “The Five” where the co-hosts discussed the topic after Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said that he won’t be openly endorsing President Joe Biden again this time.

(Video: Fox News)

Judge Jeanine Pirro first rolled a clip of a kooky MSNBC guest – who is now a “cult expert” after once being a cult member – who gave his flawed analysis of Trump supporters to Joy Reid to kick off the conversation.

“You know what, if that’s what he said on the air, imagine what he really feels. Because, I mean, he was tiptoeing through the tulips on that topic,” Gutfeld said of Johnson before turning to the “expert” on cults.

“He looks like a Heaven’s Gate member who missed the comet,” he said, skewering the MSNBC guest. “Remember, they were trying to jump on a comet? If Trumpism is a cult, it’s the worst cult in history. Because people come and go as they please, everything is wholly transparent…nothing is secretive about it, and people seem to be having a good time. They don’t seem terrified of reprisals.”

If this is a cult, then so is Oktoberfest,” Gutfeld continued. “I mean, Trump… I think what you can say about Trump-ism, if it’s an ‘ism,’ it’s more like your favorite team, where you root for your guy, and you root against the other guy, but you still can hang out with the other guy’s fans. It’s not a big deal.”

“But they can’t, but the other team can’t do it. Trump, people who are pro-Trump have no problems pulling over and helping you change a tire, they don’t care if you got a Biden bumper sticker on your car. They’ll do it. It’s not a two-way street,” he concluded.

Gutfeld’s unique ability to mix in his astute observations with his trademark wit has made him into a ratings superstar, earning the Fox News funnyman a new deal with the conservative network which has extended the ratings star’s contract.

“Greg is a true original whose trademark political and cultural commentary, humor and gifted writing has deeply connected and grown with our audience for more than 17 years,” Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott said in a statement. “Upon launching ‘Gutfeld!’ three years ago, he rapidly disrupted the status quo to become the most-watched host in the genre with more viewers tuning in to his show than any other late-night program on television. We are proud to be the home of Greg, his unparalleled analysis and late-night’s highest-rated program for many years to come.”

Chris Donaldson


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