‘Oh, honey, calm down,’ Senate hopeful blames earthquake on climate change, NBC News wants in

Knee-jerk agitprop had leftists of all stripes, including a Senate hopeful, pegging New Jersey’s earthquake on their favored cultic scapegoat.

Friday, before 10:30 a.m. in the Garden State and across the Northeast, locals were gifted an uncommon experience of noticeable tremors from seismic activity preliminarily measured at a magnitude of 4.8 on the Richter scale by the U.S. Geological Survey.

While those who studied plate tectonics zeroed in on the epicenter and awaited further readings brought by aftershocks, New Jersey’s Green Party Senate candidate Christina Khalil put her master’s degree in social work to use to correlate the quake with climate change.

“I experienced my first earthquake in NJ. We never get earthquakes. The climate crisis is real. The weirdest experience ever,” she wrote on X within an hour of the rumbling.

Drawing more than 2.6 million views at the time of this post, Khalil’s shameless scientism was readily given the Community Note treatment with a message that read, “NJ is located near a fault line, and has often experienced earthquakes.”

Of course, zeal for peddling the Marxist green agenda wasn’t limited to wannabe swamp creatures as corporate media played their own hand courtesy of NBC News reporter Linda Gaudino who deployed expert-class analysis to answer the question, “Can climate change play a role in the frequency of earthquakes?”

A Hofstra University associate professor of geology made his case that “too much rain or drought” could be contributing factors to impact faults, but in 2019 Alan Buis of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory had readily downplayed surface level triggers to the subterranean shakes.

“With the advent of seismology — the study of earthquakes — we now know that most quakes are caused by tectonic processes — forces within the solid Earth that drive changes in the structure of Earth’s crust,” he’d said, “primarily the rupture of underground rock masses along faults.”

“We also know that most earthquakes occur far beneath Earth’s surface, well beyond the influence of surface temperatures and conditions,” he continued as he debunked an ancient Greek theory on “earthquake weather.”

“Finally, we know the statistical distribution of earthquakes is approximately equal across all types of weather conditions. Myth busted,” he concluded.

Buis’ expertise and that of his colleagues were no match for Khalil’s convictions as she asserted, “Overall, to keep this short, everything is connected. If you take the last 10 or 15 years of extreme climate weather, you take every single event, create a timeline, and put together and compare it to a timeline of U.S. military destruction, carbon use, and what corporations have done the last 10 or 15 years, I’m sure there would [be] some interesting conclusions and finds. I’m confident there is a correlation.”

“Research is still on going because no one really knows what causes earthquakes,” she further argued. “I rather see 18 billion dollars invested into research and solutions on climate rather than send F-15s over to destroy Palestine even further.”

The impulse to pivot to partisan narratives set a wholly different ripple across social media as users weighed in to cast shame upon the zealotry and offer reality checks the highlighted how ignorance was key in maintaining the left’s current platforms, or as influencers would call it, their truths.

“It’s the third one we’ve had in NJ this year (that I’m aware of). We also had one on March 14th and on January 2nd. We also felt the Virginia earthquake of 2011 in NJ,” wrote one person who earned the response from Khalil, “Never felt or knew about those. I felt this one. Same with many other NJ people.”

Kevin Haggerty


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