Hamas declares victory after Biden bullies Israel into withdrawing troops in Gaza

Troop movements from Israel were notched as a win by Hamas as President Joe Biden’s pressures helped advance the Islamist’s talking points.

Placing politics at the forefront of policy, the administration’s intent to placate terrorist sympathizers and their ilk saw the starkest swing in recent days as the accidental killing of seven aid workers was leveraged against Israel’s counteroffensive.

While demands for a lasting ceasefire preceded talks in Egypt, reports of withdrawing forces from Gaza delighted locals who told Reuters, “It seems at the end it may be a happy Eid.”

The reference to the next Muslim holiday, Eid al-Fitr, came from 55-year-old Imag Joudat whom the outlet reported was living in a tent in Rafah with his eight-member family. “The occupation withdrew forces from Khan Younis, the Americans are pressuring after some foreigners were killed and Egypt is holding a big round with the Americans, the Israelis, Hamas and Qatar. This time we are hopeful.”

Troop withdrawal from the city of Khan Yunis is southern Gaza was confirmed by multiple outlets and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and the action prompted White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby to contend to ABC News that it “is really just about rest and refit for these troops that have been on the ground for four months and not necessarily, that we can tell, indicative of some coming new operation for these troops.”

That take from the administrative official stood in direct contrast to what Gallant said on social media as he shared a video and indicated, “I arrived at the Southern Command, to closely monitor the departure of IDF (Israel Defense Forces) forces from Khan Yunis, and the beginning of their preparation for action in Rafah — the last place where we have not yet operated on the ground.”

“As in the city of Gaza and in the north of the Gaza Strip — so also in the city of Khan Yunis — Hamas has ceased to function as a military organization, the IDF is freely carrying out any necessary action, and will continue to do so until the completion of the military operation and the return of all the abductees,” he added.

A ground offensive against Rafah, home to more than half the population of Gaza, remained a primary objective for Israel as it is considered a final stronghold for Hamas. However, faced with pressure from activists stateside, Biden has steered away from unequivocal support for Israel in taking the necessary steps to eliminate the threat of Hamas to tout the need to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza that propped up the terrorist-led government.

As Breitbart’s Joel Pollak put it, “The Biden administration, facing protest from Arab- and Muslim-American voters in Michigan, and a revolt by its own ‘progressive’ staff, began pressuring Israel early in the war to assume responsibility for aiding Gaza residents.”

Biden’s push toward the mythical two-state solution was said to be a constant throughout his administration and the senior editor-at-large indicated, “The White House tried to slow the Israeli war effort — partly out of concern for Palestinian civilians, but also out of concern that if Israel won too quickly, the U.S. would not have leverage to force Israel to accept a Palestinian state.”

“Effectively, Biden began propping up Hamas to force Israel to accept his vision of the Middle East,” Pollak continued. “The White House warned Israel not to enter Khan Yunis…Israel defied Biden and entered Khan Yunis, taking both the U.S. and Hamas by surprise. That led to rapid gains on the ground — and Israeli troops found recently-abandoned tunnels, filled with cash, as Hamas leaders fled to Rafah.”

Now, after Israel took responsibility for an airstrike that killed seven aid workers with World Central Kitchen and the president utilized the tragedy to foist blame on America’s ally and shame Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for not prioritizing the safety of civilians, a report from the Jerusalem Post indicated that, while the strike remained a costly mistake, it had come about because of Hamas.

Citing IDF, the Post noted “seven different action points” of the incident that began with a drone unit identifying members of Hamas climbing aboard the trucks of the aid workers prior to the convoy entering a hangar where visuals were lost.

It was after vehicles began exiting the hangar and WCK workers were unable to be reached that IDF suspected “Hamas operatives had joined or taken over the convoy” and the drone unit believed they were no longer under orders not to attack.

As a delegation prepared to meet in Cairo, Netanyahu reportedly said, “Israel is prepared for a deal; Israel is not prepared to surrender,” and added international pressure on Israel like that brought by Biden, “is only causing Hamas to harden its positions.”

Kevin Haggerty


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