Hannity shocks everyone, calls for Arizona Democrats to overturn new total abortion ban

Fox News’ Sean Hannity, a pro-life Republican, has stunningly called for Arizona Democrats to overturn a total abortion ban.

The ban was instituted on Tuesday by the Arizona Supreme Court when it reinstated an 1864 law that prohibits all abortions except those mandatory to save the mother’s life.

Following the high court’s ruling, Democrats pounced on former President Donald Trump, arguing that he was somehow to blame for the state Supreme Court ruling.

Like Hannity, Trump is also pro-life. But he’s also a Republican who wants to win elections, so he responded to the court’s decision by arguing that the high court had gone too far.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Wednesday, the eponymous host echoed Trump’s thinking but took it to the next level by calling for the state’s Democrats to overturn the original 1864 law.


“Trump opposes the law and this ruling,” he began. “And you know what? Arizona’s governor is a Democrat. The state’s attorney general is a Democrat. The state legislature is almost evenly divided.”

“If Democrats — you want to get rid of the law, well, you have a chance right now to get rid of it. And I would advise you, get rid of it! [But] they would rather use it as a political tool ahead of November,” he added.

And there lies the catch. It’s much more politically beneficial to Democrats to leave the ban intact, as it gives them as easy avenue by which to attack and disparage the conservative right. And indeed, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since Tuesday.

“The girls today and the young women do not have the rights that we once did because of Donald Trump,” Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, a Democrat, said, according to the Associated Press. “Donald Trump is dangerous and reckless.”

“Arizona just rolled back the clock to a time before women could vote – and, by his own admission, there’s one person responsible: Donald Trump,” Vice President Kamala Harris added in a statement.

“Today, because Donald Trump overturned Roe v. Wade, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an abortion ban from 1864 with no exceptions for health, rape or incest,” a Biden campaign spokesperson likewise said. “It’s alarming and will send shockwaves throughout this crucial swing state and the country.”

These attacks are a perfect demonstration of why Hannity, as well as many other Republicans, believe the ban needs to be overturned. The problem, of course, is that staunchly pro-life conservatives disagree and are now bashing Hannity for “selling out.”


Staunchly pro-life conservatives like commentator Matt Walsh meanwhile have argued that this strategy of opposing a total abortion ban is counterproductive and shows Republicans have no spine.

“If you tell me that as a matter of prudence and smart political strategy a Republican candidate should not call for a federal ban on abortion, I can buy that,” he tweeted Wednesday. “But what we are actually seeing from many Republicans right now goes far beyond that.”

“They are running to the Left, openly opposing even statewide pro-life laws, and preemptively surrendering the argument out of fear. This is what Republicans have been doing for decades, by the way, and it has never paid off. You can’t win pro-abortion votes by being mildly pro-abortion. Those voters will always go with the Democrat anyway,”  he added.

In conclusion, he said, “You have no choice but to buck up, grow a spine, and actually make the pro-life case. Go on offense. Stand your ground. The pro-life case is incredibly compelling, but you have to make it. You cannot win an argument you refuse to have.”

Vivek Saxena


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