‘He is a criminal’: Trump blasts ‘Crooked Joe Biden’ for ‘lawfare and weaponization against his opponent’

Former President Trump tore into “Crooked Joe Biden” in a series of videos on Truth Social calling him the worst president in history while blasting him for using lawfare to try and take out his opponent.

Trump didn’t mince words on Wednesday, calling Biden a “criminal” and “corrupt.” He also accused the president of weaponizing the government against him and challenged Biden to a debate.

“At what point are the actions of a sitting president using lawfare and weaponization against his opponent for purposes of election interference considered illegal? I believe, as do various highly respected legal scholars, that Crooked Joe Biden has long since crossed over that very sacred threshold. He is a criminal. He is a horrible president,” the former president railed.

“He’s the worst president in the history of our country, and the only way he thinks he can get elected is to take me to trials, take me to courts, city, state, and federal. They control them all,” Trump accurately stated referring to moves by Biden that more closely resemble a third-world dictatorship than an American presidency.

(Video Credit: Donald Trump)

Biden and his cohorts are using lawfare to bleed Trump of his wealth, They are also hoping that one of the charges will stick so they can throw him in prison and remove the president’s primary opponent. It’s a move worthy of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, or Brazil.

All of these cases that you’re reading about are Crooked Joe Biden’s case because he can’t put two sentences together. He can’t do anything. So they weaponize government and they take me to court on bullsh*t,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“So we are going to win. We’re going to win big. We’re going to go through these horrible Biden trials. And at the end of the day, November 5th, everyone’s coming out to vote for Trump. Thank you very much,” the former president declared.

Trump drove home the corruption of Biden once again.

“It’s just out that Crooked Joe Biden, the worst and most corrupt president in the history of the United States by far, is leading the weaponization of government against his political opponent. Me. Crooked Joe is a threat to democracy. We cannot let him continue in office,” he warned.

“All of this weaponization and lawfare that you’re watching, all of these lawsuits against me, they’re all started by the DOJ, the FBI, all of the people in government, even the state cases, in the city cases, they’re being run by the DOJ. They put their people in there and they’re being run by the DOJ. We have to stop weaponization,” Trump added.

“There’s never been anything like it in the history of our country. It’s happened before, but only in third-world countries. And we’re becoming a third-world country between our borders and all of the other things that are so bad, so, so bad. But we have to stop the weaponization and we have to stop it. Now, the best way to stop it is November 5th. We’re going to beat them like a drum. Thank you very much,” the former president asserted.

Then Trump called for a debate with Biden. That is unlikely to ever occur given the president’s mental and physical frailty.

“It’s time for Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of the United States, and I to debate. We have to talk about what he’s doing and where we’re going. We owe it to our country. We owe it to all Americans. Anytime, anywhere, any place,” he said challenging Biden.

Biden arrogantly told reporters recently that he would consider debating Trump if he behaves, “It depends on his behavior.”


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