‘Wrong, you dipsh*t’: Trump campaign goes scorched earth on Biden campaign sleight of hand

The campaigns of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump went at each other on social media in what may be the closest thing America sees to a debate between the two men.

On Monday, Trump won his appeal of Judge Arthur Engoron’s staggering $464 million bond in his civil fraud trial, seeing its reduction to $175 million, a new 10-day deadline, and a stay on the enforcement of orders that would have kept Trump from applying for loans in New York and his sons from doing business there.

Even though the Biden family is linked to millions of dollars in foreign money, including China, through the dubious efforts of son Hunter Biden trading on the family name, Biden’s campaign saw fit to respond to Trump telling a reporter he would not accept foreign cash to pay his bond to suggest he would do just that.

“No, I don’t do that,” Trump said. “I think you’d be allowed to, possibly. I don’t know. I mean, if you go borrow from a big bank, many of the banks are outside of this– as you know, the biggest banks frankly are outside of our country. So, you could do that, but I don’t need to borrow money. I have a lot of money. I have a lot of– I built a great company.”

Sharing the clip on X, Biden-Harris HQ tweeted, “Trump insists he’s ‘allowed’ to take foreign money to pay his bond.”

Well, the Trump War Room did not take kindly to the sleight of hand.

“Wrong, you dipshit. He said he’ll pay with cash, securities, or bonds. Unlike Crooked Joe who is bought and paid for by the CCP,” the account tweeted.

Proving their game is as stale as the 81-year-old geriatric standard-bearer they back, the Biden campaign countered with a tweet from 2014:


Tom Tillison


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