Herschel Walker urges voters to ‘ignore trash talk,’ insists Republicans ‘can and will win’ in November

If you’re headed into the most significant battle in recent memory, and you need a pep talk, could there be anyone better to give it than Herschel Walker — an NFL legend who knows all about “trash talk” and “intimidation” and how to rise above the noise and get the job done?

Because, while Republican so-called leaders such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have been casting doubt on the GOP’s expected “Red Wave” in November, Walker, who is currently running against Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock in Georgia’s race for the U.S. Senate, is reminding voters that people “know the truth” and will be voting accordingly, no matter how much “trash” the Dems throw at them.

The purpose of “trash talk,” says Walker in an op-ed piece for the Washington Examiner, is “to intimidate your opponent and make them lose focus and feel less confident in their ability to win,” and Republicans must not “fall for it.”


“Democrats and their friends in the media are engaging in their own form of trash talk when it comes to the midterm elections,” Walker writes. “They wave around some meaningless poll or quote an ‘expert’ who would have us believe that Republican Senate candidates are weak, President Joe Biden has had some great successes, the Democrats’ fundraising numbers give them a huge advantage, and Republicans can’t possibly win back the Senate.”

“None of this is true,” he states. “It’s nothing more than an intimidation tactic designed to scare conservative donors away, suppress Republican enthusiasm, and discourage Republican candidates and voters.”

“To my fellow colleagues,” Walker urged, “don’t fall for it.”

Walker’s Monday message could not have come at a better time.

As American Wire reported, according to one of those “meaningless” polls, the GOP is currently losing ground in the House race.

A new CBS/YouGov poll found that, while Republicans are still expected to retake the majority, the number of House seats they are predicted to hold after November has dipped from 230 in July to a less-convincing 226 seats today.

But, says Walker, we shouldn’t be too worried. Conservatives’ strength going into the all-important midterms lies in the fact that primary voters have chosen as their candidates people who, like Trump in 2016, are not politicians.

“That will be an asset in the general election since the politicians in charge have made such a terrible mess,” Walker assures readers.

Biden’s so-called “successes” since taking office should push Republicans to victory.

“As for Biden’s ‘success,'” Walker writes, “the only thing he and the Democrats have been successful at is making us unsafe, weak, woke, and broke.”

“Democrats and the media can try to spin all they want, but it won’t work,” he states. “People know the truth. They feel the truth in their wallets every single day.”

The former running back had better hope so.

Citing “several surveys conducted in recent weeks,” Newsweek reported on Saturday that Walker is currently trailing Warnock by as much as 4 percentage points amid “a string of controversies which have dogged his campaign.”

Plenty of “trash talk” has been hurled at Walker, with left-leaning media running hit piece after hit piece and Democrats have not been shy about insulting him, making vile claims that should outrage every American.

Never mind all that, says Walker. We’ve got a fight to win.

“I have never backed down from a fight, and neither should you,” he tells readers. “There is too much at stake.”

“I’m sure you are hearing and seeing the same things on the campaign trail that I am: huge crowds of people who are upset at what Biden and the Democrats have done to this country in just a couple of years,” he continued passionately. “They see us as the last best hope for turning things around and preserving our freedoms. They are looking to us to save the country from a group of people who are doing their best to destroy it.”

As Walker notes, all voters “are sick of” the spike in crime, the chaos at the border, skyrocketing inflation, “weakness abroad,” and “out-of-control government spending” — and many of those voters don’t talk to pollsters.

“Ignore the talking-head trash talk,” he urges readers. “It’s not based in reality. Listen to the voters. Keep pulling. Keep plugging. Together we can do this. We have to.”


Melissa Fine


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