Hillary Clinton roasted for her ‘enormously stupid and vile’ D-Day take, Trump team responds

On a day of solemn remembrance for the American and Allied heroes who saved the world, leave it to Hillary Clinton to toss off the most “enormously stupid and vile” take of the day.

The embittered sore loser of the 2016 election couldn’t just mark the occasion with respect, she had to make it all about former President Donald J. Trump, likening those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the pivotal and costly turning point in World War II to the Democrats’ battle to hold onto power by any means necessary.

“Eighty years ago today, thousands of brave Americans fought to protect democracy on the shores of Normandy,” wrote Clinton, who like most other Democrats has obscenely claimed that Trump is the second coming of Hitler.

“This November, all we have to do is vote,” she said, grossly comparing one of the most important days in the history of the free world to further cementing authoritarian one-party rule in America.

Mrs. Clinton has compared Trump to Der Führer on numerous occasions, including calling him “Grifter Hitler” in a recent post to X and during an appearance on ABC’s “The View” last year, she told her fellow harridans, “You could see it in countries where, well, Hitler was duly elected, right?”

“And so all of a sudden somebody with those tendencies, so dictatorial authoritarian tendencies, would be like, OK, we’re going to shut this down,” she said. “Trump is telling us what he intends to do… take him at his word,” claimed the mother of the Russiagate hoax.

The response to Clinton’s sick remarks was hotter than Army Rangers hosing down Nazi soldiers with a flamethrower even though like a true coward, she turned off replies.

“Hillary Clinton is a stone-cold loser who presided over the horrific Benghazi debacle that led to the death of Americans,” Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung told Fox News Digital. “Nobody takes Hillary seriously because it’s clear she is beclowning herself in order to stay relevant after President Trump crushed her in 2016.”

“What an enormously stupid and vile comment. Trump is not Hitler. And voting is not storming a beach under a hail of machine-gun fire to free millions from the tyranny of the Nazis,” wrote conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

More reactions to Hillary’s reprehensible take.

And it could have been even worse had Clinton not shut off the replies.

Also on the 80th anniversary of the day that changed the world, President Joe Biden didn’t exactly do America proud during his appearance at the memorial ceremony in Normandy, France.

Stumbling through his remarks and living up to the recent Wall Street Journal bombshell about his deteriorating mental state, the geriatric leader went on a political diatribe, attacking Russia – a key U.S. WWII ally – and making it all about Ukraine which was on the side of the Nazis.

A pretty shameful day for Democrats with Clinton and Biden setting the tone.

Chris Donaldson


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