Hollywood Arby’s shutters after 55 years: ‘$20-an-hour minimum wage has been the nail in the coffin’

An iconic Los Angeles fast-food location is shutting down after 55 years due to a variety of factors, including a rising minimum wage.

California is bleeding businesses and the latest casualty is the family-owned Arby’s which has been a staple on Sunset Boulevard for over half a century. FOX 11’s SkyFOX camera captured the parting message of the famous cowboy hat sign: “Farewell Hollywood. TY for 55 great years.” The eatery officially closed its doors for the last time on Saturday.

Gary Husch, general manager of the location and son-in-law of the Hollywood Arby’s only owner Marilyn Leviton, described the grim economic conditions that led to the difficult decision to shutter the restaurant.

“The customer count has gone down over the last few years. A lot of the offices around this area are empty now, and we’re just not getting the same foot traffic we did before,” he explained to the LA Times. “With inflation, food costs have gone way up and the $20-an-hour minimum wage has been the nail in the coffin.”

He believes the long-lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the downfall of the business, “I really feel we would have closed during the pandemic [if it weren’t] for the federal loans.”

The family hasn’t decided what to do with the iconic hat sign though undoubtedly there would be more than a few people lined up ready to purchase such a large piece of Hollywood history.

“I’m awfully sorry that it came to this. I think we did a good job for 55 years,” Leviton apologized to KTLA.

Social media users weighed in on the issue, with many blaming California Governor Gavin Newsom:

Sierra Marlee


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