House resolution supporting Ukraine passes 426-3: ‘No-vote’ says ‘talk to me when our border is secure.’

A resolution supporting Ukraine and calling for an “immediate cease-fire” in the crisis with Russia passed in the House of Representatives almost unanimously.

The opposing lawmakers in the 426-3 vote on Wednesday were all Republicans. Reps. Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Thomas Massie (Ky.) and Matt Rosendale (Mont.) opted to vote against the seven-page nonbinding resolution which states that the House “stands steadfastly, staunchly, proudly, and fervently behind the Ukrainian people in their fight against the authoritarian Putin regime.”

In several tweets after the vote, Massie laid out the “many reasons” he could not vote yes on the resolution.

“I fully support the right of the people of Ukraine to self determination,” he tweeted, saying it “contains an open ended call for additional and immediate ‘defensive security assistance.’ This term is so broad that it could include American boots on the ground or, as some of my colleagues have already requested, US enforcement of a no-fly zone.”

He went on to write that the resolution “expands the geographic scope of the US commitment to the conflict in Ukraine by condemning the country of Belarus. We should not be seeking to name new enemies or committing to overturning other governments.”

He also cited the Russian people caught up in aggression pushed by their president, Vladimir Putin, and how they would be hurt by “crippling sanctions.”

He also noted that “the goal is to de-escalate the conflict” and that the language of the resolution could lead to a “US commitment to forever be actively engaged in a conflict with another nuclear country.”

Gosar agreed, referring to H.Res. 956 as the “Get the US in another expensive War” resolution.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) called out the Republicans in a tweet saying their ‘no’ vote was “unreal” Gosar clapped back.

H.Res. 956 calls for the U.S. and its allies “to deliver additional and immediate defensive security assistance to help Ukraine address the armored, airborne, and other threats Ukraine is currently facing from Russian forces.”

It also notes that U.S. lawmakers “will never recognize or support any illegitimate Russian-controlled leader or government installed through the use of force.”

The resolution “declares that the war in Ukraine, a democratic country, is the frontline of democracy and freedom versus authoritarianism represented by Putin’s Russia.”

Frieda Powers


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