Hundreds of Biden bank transactions reportedly flagged ‘concerning’; Sen Grassley digs deeper

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Hundreds of bank transactions by President Joe Biden’s youngest son, Hunter, and his brother, James, have reportedly been flagged, some because of their size, and others for reasons yet unknown.

CBS’s Catherine Herridge reported on Wednesday that she’s obtained confirmation of there being “more than 150 financial transactions,” though she stopped short of accusing the pair — Hunter and James — of any nefarious activity.

“Such banking reviews could point to deeper problems — or they could prove innocuous. Information shared with CBS News does not indicate the outcome of the banking reviews,” she reported for CBS News.

Watch her report below:

Herridge did, however, go on to report on some of the legitimately troubling aspects of Hunter and James’ finances, including their excessive business dealings with China.

“Bank records released by Republican senators this week indicate James Biden’s company, the Lion Hall Group, received payments from a Chinese-financed consulting group in 2018, before his brother Joe announced he was running for president,” according to the former Fox News reporter.

That same year, both James and Hunter “received monthly retainers totaling $165,000 — $100,000 to Hunter and $65,000 to James.”

Speaking with Herridge, Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley explained why these transactions matter.

“We have people with the Biden name, dealing with Chinese business people that have a relationship to the Communist Party,” he said.

He added that it seems like Hunter wasn’t alone in his shady dealings with China.

“I think James Biden was very much a part of this,” Grassley said.

“This” refers to a pattern of previously reported behavior by Hunter, who’s managed to amass large sums of money working for companies critics argue are way beyond his league.

As reported three years ago by ABC News reporter Tom Llamas, in 2014 Hunter suddenly went from being “discharged from the Navy Reserves for testing positive for cocaine” to earning “more than a million dollars a year” from a Ukrainian firm.

According to Llamas, the apparent corruption also extended to China.

“It also happened in China. This video shows Chinese diplomats greeting Vice President Biden as he arrived in Beijing in December of 2013. Right by his side, his son Hunter. Less than two weeks later, Hunter’s firm had new business creating an investment firm in China, involving the government-controlled Bank of China, with reports they hoped to raise $1.5 billion,” he reported.


Dovetailing back to the present, Robert Weissman, the president of the advocacy group Public Citizen, appears to agree with Grassley’s concerns.

“I think Hunter and James Biden should not have entered into those relationships, full stop. To the extent those occurred while Joe Biden was the vice president, there’s a worry that they hope to get something direct from the Obama administration,” he told Herridge.

But it gets worse.

According to Grassley, Hunter, James, and James’ wife also have a history of having all “tapped into a line of credit Hunter set up with a Chinese business executive to purchase more than $100,000 in airline tickets, hotels and restaurants.”

“Newly released records from Republican investigators show what appears to be the 2017 application for that $99,000 line of credit-bearing the signatures of Hunter Biden and the Chinese executive,” as reported by Herridge.

The Biden administration meanwhile continues to claim ignorance, with the president still insisting through his underlings that he never knew anything about his son and his brother’s dealings.

“The president has said that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings. Is that still the case?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki this Tuesday.

“Yes,” she replied.

A day later, Doocy tried pressing her again.

“There’s evidence that the president, at one point, was office mates with Hunter and his brother Jim here in D.C.,” he said to Psaki.

“That’s not accurate,” she replied.

“That is not accurate? So when Hunter Biden is emailing a landlord, ‘Please have keys made available for new office mates — Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Jim Biden,’ that — you’re disputing it?” Doocy pushed back.

“They were not office mates, no,” Psaki replied, doubling down.


The email, reportedly from 2017, was published two years ago.

Hunter Biden requested in 2017 that keys be made for his new ‘office mates,’ listing his father, President-elect Joe Biden, Jill Biden and his uncle, Jim Biden, for space he planned to share with an ’emissary’ for a chairman of a Chinese energy company,” Fox News reported at the time.

Jim Biden as in James Biden, and a Chinese emissary as in the same Chinese whom Hunter has been accused of conducting shady dealings with …

Vivek Saxena


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