Jon Stewart laments perpetual subjugation of minorities, calls the American Dream ‘a fallacy’

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Liberal comedian Jon Stewart’s stunning embrace of racial essentialism now has him complaining about “white resentment” and suggesting that this mythical force is preventing non-white Americans from succeeding in contemporary America.

These topics came up during a discussion Monday on his racially obsessed podcast with Isabel Wilkerson, a far-left black activist who believes America is rooted in a racial caste system that’s apparently designed to prevent non-whites, including black millionaires like her, from achieving success.

In explaining her ideology and how it relates to the modern age, she described an old house (America) that needs fixing from longtime disrepair (white supremacy).

“The majority of Americans have been deprived of the opportunity, really, to know our country’s true and full history. And if you knew our country’s true and full history, you would realize that our country is like an old house. You know, it’s like an old house. And if you inherit an old house, if you take possession of an old house, you did not build the uneven pillars and joints and beams. You did not build the frayed electrical wiring. You did not build the corroded pipes that you’re now having to deal with,” she said.

“But when you take possession of an old house, guilt and shame are not going to help you fix it. You know, you have to look at that building inspector’s report and see what is it that we’re dealing with. And then you don’t get emotional about it. You roll up your sleeves, and you get to work in fixing that. And while you didn’t build those uneven pillars, and joints and beams, and the frayed wiring, and the corroded pipes, any further deterioration is on the hands of those who are in possession of that old house now. It is on people who are here now to take responsibility.”

Listen to the whole discussion below, if you’d like:

Stewart then used the example of the house to essentially argue that white people’s “resentment”-fueled refusal to fix the house is preventing non-white Americans from being free to flourish and multiply in the modern United States.

“That’s such a great metaphor about the house, but now imagine that the people who live in that house become resentful and decide that it’s actually your fault that it’s like this, and they’re going to let it go to more decay. You know, that’s the thing that is so hard to wrap your head around. You know, you have a founding document that states the inalienable rights given to all humans of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that all men are created equal,” he said.

“And for a subjugated group to ask for that as though it is a negotiation? The document says, ‘Granted by God,’ not by Sen. Calhoun of South Carolina. The idea that this has been an ongoing negotiation is the real shame of this. Years later, everybody thinks now like, ‘Hey, man, you got your Civil Rights Act, so we’re done here.’ Where does that resentment come from?”

Sen. John Calhoun was a 19th-century political figure known for his staunch defense of slavery, which was outlawed in 1865. The Civil Rights Act was passed roughly 100 years later.

Stewart later doubled down even further by suggesting that the American Dream is unattainable for non-whites even in contemporary America.

“The literal interpretation of the American Dream is that, is it doesn’t matter where you were born or how you were born or who you are, that in this country you can rise up and go beyond that. And it turns out to be a fallacy,” he claimed.

(Source: World Republic News)

Stewart then claimed that even when whites become a minority in America, non-whites will continue to be subjugated.

“But I wonder, you know, when we say, ‘Oh, in 2040 or 2050, when the demographics change, we won’t know what will happen.’ I feel like we know what will happen, because it’s what’s happened from the very beginning,” he said.

“And I would say the formation of the Union, the compromise that was made with the Southern states that black slaves would count as three-fifths, but they can’t vote, but you can count them, there has always been a redistribution of power to the white elite.”

During the discussion, the liberal comedian also dubiously complained that the media falsely portray black-on-white crime as 46 to 52 percent of all crimes committed.

It’s not clear which media outlets portray crime in this manner. What’s known is that, according to 2018 crime data from the Department of Justice, black-on-Asian crime (50,113) is 281 times more common than Asian-on-black crime (fewer than 563).

Yet amid the especially high uptick in black-on-Asian crime last year, the media chose to, one, blame white supremacy, and two, castigate anyone — including Asians — who dared to rightly note that the vast majority of anti-Asian crimes were being committed by blacks.

It was almost as if Asian lives didn’t matter.

Yet during the discussion Monday, Wilkerson argued every American has been “programmed” to believe black lives “do not matter.”

“So we’ve all been programmed as to who is valued in our society and who must be protected at all costs and whose lives do not matter, as much as we have the Black Lives Matter movement as a result of the recognition of the ongoing quest for equity and recognition of the humanity of people who have been subjugated for so long,” she said.

Meanwhile, virtually every major corporation and institution has adopted the tenets — including “equity” — of BLM …


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