‘Hunter Biden got three big deals in China.’ Here are the details.

Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer appeared on Fox News this Wednesday to tell the world about the major Biden family deals involving China.

Speaking on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he noted how all the deals link back to the Chinese state and Chinese intelligence.

“If you look at the nexus of these financial ties that the Bidens have with China, you have to go back to the Chinese state, and you also have to go back to Chinese intelligence,” he said.

“Hunter Biden got three big deals in China. Some of that money he shared with James Biden. You know, potentially it went to other family members. If you look at all three of the businessmen that made those deals happen, those ties are there,” he added.

He then proceeded to talk about the deals in detail.


(Video: Fox News)

“The first one was a guy named Che Fung. He helped set up Hunter Biden on that BHR private equity deal that netted Hunter perhaps 20 million dollars based on estimates. When he set Hunter Biden up with that deal, Che Fang was partners with a gentleman named [inaudible], who was the Vice Minister for State Security in China, with responsibility for foreign recruitment. That’s from Hong Kong corporate records,” he said.

That was deal one.

“The second deal that was set up for Hunter Biden was a guy named Henry Zhao. Henry Zhao transferred five million dollars into one of Biden’s accounts. At the time he did that, Henry Zhao’s business partners with the daughter of the former Minister of State Security who ran the entire spy apparatus of China. If you look at chairman Yi, the CEFC, the energy company, his previous job was working for Chinese military intelligence,”  he continued.

That was deal two.

“So when you’re talking about money coming from China to the Bidens, when you’re talking about concerns about classified records, when you’re concerned about what did the Bidens actually do in return for that money, these are all very serious, legitimate questions that I don’t have much confidence at all that the Department of Justice is going to look into,” he added.

That’s why last week, House Oversight Committee chair James Comer launched his own official investigation into President Joe Biden and his involvement in his family’s business deals.

“Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Eric Schwerin are key witnesses in our investigation of Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s international and domestic business schemes. Evidence obtained in our investigation reveals the Biden family business model is built on Joe Biden’s political career and connections,” Comer said in a statement.

“Biden family members attempted to sell access around the world, including individuals who were connected to the Chinese Communist Party, to enrich themselves to the detriment of American interests. If President Biden is compromised by deals with foreign adversaries and they are impacting his decision making, this is a threat to national security,” he added.

The top Republican continued by demanding “transparency and accountability.”

“The American people deserve transparency and accountability about the Biden family’s influence peddling. The Oversight Committee is committed to exposing the waste, fraud, and abuse that has taken place at the highest levels of our government. Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Eric Schwerin’s documents, records, and communications are critical to this investigation,” he said.

It’s strongly suspected that the entire Biden family — everybody related to the president, basically — profited off of their connections to him. But especially so Hunter. What’s unknown is whether the current president was aware of this profiting and whether he himself had participated in it.

What’s known, conversely, is that this potential influence peddling may be tied to the president’s possession of classified documents.

One set of documents was found in a garage in the president’s Delaware home next to a Corvette. Not just any Corvette. One that Hunter Biden had been pictured driving before. Which raises the question of whether Hunter had access to the documents and whether he ever used the information contained in them to secure even better deals.

Separately, questions have also emerged about the Penn Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

According to reports, Hunter wanted his own office at the center. In addition, and more notably, donations from countries like China began pouring in once the think tank officially launched.

Vivek Saxena


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