Nikki Haley won’t answer Hannity about where she disagrees with Trump

Republican presidential candidate and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley appeared on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show Wednesday just hours after declaring her run and proceeded to dodge questions on how her policies would differ from former President Trump’s.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Haley is calling for a new generation of leadership within the Republican Party. She has not come out with details on her policies yet, but it is still very early in the game and she may be formulating them before declaring where she stands. Unfortunately, she did not seem prepared to address those policies when she sat down with Hannity.

She did call for “mandatory mental competency tests” for politicians who are over the age of 75 which seemed directly aimed at Trump and President Biden.

Right out of the gate during the segment, Hannity asked Haley to differentiate herself from Trump who is also running for the nomination in 2024.

“If you had to delineate where, say, you and President Trump differ on issues, where would you start?” he asked her.

The former ambassador to the United Nations under Trump appeared to dodge the question, responding, “Look at everything that’s wrong in this country and tell me we don’t need new leadership. But the difference is we need new generational leadership. We have to leave the status quo. We have to leave this chaos behind and we’ve gotta start talking about the future.”

Haley then ticked off numerous issues facing the country.

Hannity didn’t give up on the topic and returned to it later in the interview.

“Let me go back to my original question because anybody that is looking or is seeking the nomination, you’re going to be comparing and contrasting your policy positions,” he told the GOP contender. “Where do you see – if you see – policy differences beyond what you mentioned, which are generational differences? What specific policy areas would you say part with Donald Trump?”

“What I am saying is I don’t kick sideways,” she said, deflecting and not answering the question once again. “I’m kicking forward. Joe Biden is the president. “He’s the one I’m running against.”

“What I am saying is you don’t have to be 80 years old to be president. We don’t need to have these same people going back again. We need something new, we need a new generation of fighters. We need people that understand where your average American is coming from. We shouldn’t be afraid to fight for that, that is what I am willing to do,” Haley responded.

“I’m not going to kick sideways, I don’t have time for that, that’s not my focus, I am kicking forward and it is all about Joe Biden and the people in America winning again,” she continued.

Hannity asked Haley in January the same question with the same non-answer.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“Right now, President Trump is the only announced Republican candidate,” Hannity said. “What policy differences do you have with Trump?”

Haley declared that she had “a great working relationship with him” and pointedly did not answer the question but said she did agree with most of Trump’s policies.

“Let the best woman win,” she declared.

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