Hunter Biden nearly closed deal in 2017 to sell La. natural gas company to Chinese energy firm

Presidential son Hunter Biden was attempting to make a deal in 2017 to transfer natural gas from a Louisiana-based company to a Chinese energy firm called CEFC but it fell through, according to documents obtained from his abandoned laptop.

Details of the deal, which was first reported by Breitbart News and also involved Joe Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, come as the president implements policies that scale back fossil fuel energy production in the United States in favor of ‘green’ production methods that are much more expensive such as wind and solar power.

What’s more, the report said, the Chinese company involved, CEFC, is the same one in “which Hunter also discussed a business venture that would have ’10 [percent] held by H for the big guy,'” Breitbart reported, the big guy thought to allegedly be the president himself.

“That wouldn’t stop the Chinese players in the deal, however, from going on to push Hunter to help his father mount a bid for president years after,” Breitbart reported.

The documents seen by the outlet reportedly obtained from the laptop’s hard drive include an email dated Oct. 23, 2017, from a Chinese intermediary by the name of JiaQi Bao to Hunter Biden and Chinese business associates in which she thanked him and Jim for setting up a meeting with Greg Michaels, the head of a natural gas liquefaction facility in Louisiana called Monkey Island LNG. The email contained a summary of what the meeting would entail.

“We have a 10:30 meeting tomorrow @ 3CC with Greg Michaels, the president of Monkey Island LNG Terminal project in Louisiana. Thank you for Jim and Hunter for bringing the owner to talk to us directly,” JiaQi’s email said.

She provided additional details in an Oct. 29 email to Hunter.

“Through you and Uncle Jim’s connection, with Monkey Island/Magnolia/Project ABC as a starting point/talking point, we can check out a lot of all other interesting Louisana/Taxes/Gulf of Mexico U. S. projects [sic],” the email says.

“You are the best person to help your friend [CEFC chairman] Ye [Jianming] to do that, because you know a lot of folks in the area and you have the access to decision-makers / helpful local folks with insight about the region,” the email continued.

Other reports noted that Ye had connections to the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army; he was suspiciously detained in China in 2018 and the company, CEFC, is now defunct.

Though the LNG deal fell through, JiaQi emailed Hunter Biden again in March 2019 to urge him to “help Uncle Joe run for President.”

“You should not be distracted by random media articles. You need to help Uncle Joe run for President. Your father really should run for 2020 for this country,” she wrote.

Joe Biden announced his bid for the presidency the following month.

Details of the unsuccessful LNG deal come on the heels of a report by The New York Times that Hunter Biden was involved in a $3.8 billion deal to help a Chinese company secure a lucrative cobalt mining operation from an American company operating in the African nation of Congo. Cobalt is the principal element in batteries for electric vehicles; Joe Biden was vice president at the time the deal was done.

Republicans are going to make Hunter Biden a focus if they take over Congress next year, according to ranking House Oversight Committee member Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.).

“We all know Hunter Biden is a walking, talking conflict of interest,” he told Fox News on Sunday. “I’ve been saying for months that Hunter Biden’s a national security threat.”

Meanwhile, the top television news networks passed on the most recent revelations, according to a review of transcripts by Fox News.

Jon Dougherty


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