‘I believe it!’ Nikki Haley donor says ‘you wouldn’t believe’ where her hefty donations are coming from

Fox News Business host Neil Cavuto interviewed a Nikki Haley donor who candidly shared more information than Cavuto likely had bargained for.

Building up to the Iowa Caucus where Haley ended up taking third place with 19.1% percent of the vote, Cavuto asked Haley donor Andy Sabin if he was worried that her robust “money train” was in danger of drying up.

“We actually have a large fundraiser on the 30th of January,” Sabin began. “At a major apartment in, huh, New York City where we’re raising a tremendous amount of money.”

And then Sabin let the cat out of the bag.

Believe it or not, a number of it [donations] coming from Democrats.”

That little tidbit likely won’t surprise rank-and-file conservative constituents who do believe that Democrats have been behind Haley’s recent rise in support.

After a brief and somewhat awkward pause, Cavuto inquired about who exactly resides in that “major” New York City apartment.

“I can’t tell you that,” Sabin laughed. “I’m sorry, I, huh, I just wish I could tell ya,” he continued before unloading some more interesting morsels.

“Well a, all I can tell you is, one of the biggest…” he said as the audio appeared to glitch. It’s not entirely certain what he said, but it sure sounded like the word “Democrat” was uttered again before the audio cleared as Sabin continued.

“One of my best friends, who you wouldn’t believe, who’s never voted for a Republican, is the co-host of this benefit. This fundraiser.”

Cavuto went on to note that Democrat voters who’ve become dismayed by Biden might consider a more moderate Republican or an Independent candidate.

A so-called, ‘RINO‘ perhaps?

“I think a lot of this is real,” Sabin responded to Cavuto’s comments. “When you see Nikki Haley 17 points over Biden, versus Trump at two to four, it has to be coming from somewhere.

“So, it’s coming from Democrats and Independents who don’t want either Biden or Trump. I would bet that she would be the last person standing … she’s got the money to do it.”

I bet she does!

Sabin conceded that Trump’s chances of winning the primary are “excellent”, but worried that “he’s in such a precarious situation with all the chaos, I don’t know how it’s going to end up.”

“It would be nice to know that Nikki Haley could jump right in there with the amount of support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents to take over that position.”

Sabin then said he would “absolutely, without a doubt” vote for Trump if he becomes the Republican presidential nominee.

“It’s frightening to think of what’s running on the other side,” he said.

While Sabin’s revelations weren’t exactly shocking, the fact that he boasted them out loud did amuse many, and got X buzzing with “Never Nikki” sentiment and accusations:

Now, that’s pretty funny.


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