Iconic ‘Jaws’ actor eaten alive by leftists over dress-wearing stunt labeled ‘sexist and homophobic’

A Massachusetts theater apologized to customers who were triggered by remarks made by actor Richard Dreyfuss that were deemed to be “sexist and homophobic” by some thin-skinned attendees.

The 76-year-old actor appeared at the Cabot Theater in Beverly for a screening of the 1975 summer blockbuster “Jaws,” a movie that he starred in, and during the Q&A, Dreyfuss made the mistake of exercising his free speech rights, a major no-no in 2024 America.

The event which was billed as “An Evening With Richard Dreyfuss + Jaws Screening” took place on Saturday at the venue which is located about 23 miles north of Boston, and 120 miles north of swanky Martha’s Vineyard where “Jaws” was filmed.

Dreyfuss is said to have made sexist remarks about Hollywood icon Barbara Streisand, but it was his take on transgender kids that infuriated some members of the audience and while video of the specific remarks hasn’t been shared, a brief clip of the veteran actor showing up in a dress has been posted to YouTube.

(Video: YouTube)

Posts on social media describe what Dreyfuss allegedly said that was so bothersome.

“Went off the rails talking about how Barbara Streisand is a genius but he didn’t listen to her because she is a woman and women shouldn’t have that power,” one social media user wrote. “Then started sharing his views on the me too movement and started down the road on how you shouldn’t be listening to some 10 year old who says they want to be a boy instead of a girl… Jesus Christ what an explosion.”

“Crowd was shouting at him and most walked out before the movie even started. Talk about the movie a**hole… We never made it to that,” the post said.

One user suggested an alternate title for the event, “An Evening of Misogyny and Homophobia With Richard Dreyfuss.”

“This was disgusting,” posted one attendee on the Facebook page of The Cabot Theater in Beverly, Massachusetts. “How could the Cabot not have vetted his act better. Apparently (I found out too late), he has a reputation for spewing this kind of racist, homophobic, misogynistic bullcrap.”

“We were thrilled to see Richard Dreyfuss speak about his experience filming ‘Jaws,’ what it was like, his time in Hollywood,” one offended moviegoer told the Boston Globe. “That is not at all the experience that we got.”

“We are aware of, and share serious concerns, following the recent event with Richard Dreyfuss prior to a screening of the film Jaws at The Cabot. The views expressed by Mr. Dreyfuss do not reflect the values of inclusivity and respect that we uphold as an organization. We deeply regret the distress that this has caused to many of our patrons,” the theater said in a statement obtained by Deadline.

“We are in active dialogue with our patrons about their experience and are committed to learning from this event how to better enact our mission of entertaining, educating, and inspiring our community.” The Cabot said.

Dreyfuss has previously angered leftists, expressing his opinion that the Academy Awards’ new “woke” eligibility rules “make me vomit.”

Chris Donaldson


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