MSNBC regular assails Supreme Court Justice’s wife Ginni Thomas in racist rant

The left’s ongoing assault of Originalist judges on the Supreme Court devolved into racism as one MSNBC commentator invoked Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife.

“I mean, he ain’t married to Ginni Thomas for nothing…”

(Video: MSNBC)

A 6-3 decision from the high court Thursday nixed a federal district court ruling in Alexander v. South Carolina State Conference of the NAACP that had contended unconstitutional racial gerrymandering had been at play in drawing the state’s congressional map. As Thomas issued his own concurring opinion on the constitutional questions presented, known race-baiter Elie Mystal asked and answered his own questions on “what the man thinks” based on being married to a white woman.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes,” Mystal cobbled together the varied parts of the current attacks against Thomas and fellow Justice Samuel Alito and asserted, “Yeah, the through line between the Alito flag story, the Clarence Thomas coup story, and their wives, and what we saw today from the Supreme Court in this gerrymandering decision, the through line between all of that is that they don’t want black people’s votes to count equally.”

“Do you think that is true of Clarence Thomas?” asked the host teeing up his guest to suggest insight into the innermost thoughts of the long-serving conservative jurist. “I know that it’s true of Clarence Thomas, alright. Their idea — and Clarence Thomas, in his concurrence today, wrote straight up that he does not think the 14th Amendment and the equal protection clause of that amendment can be used to protect the voting rights of black people.”

“I mean, he ain’t married to Ginni Thomas for nothing, alright — like, that’s what the man thinks,” charged Mystal of the decades-long second marriage that followed his divorce from Kathy Ambush.

Of course, left out of the commentator’s allegations of inherent racism in the decision-making of Thomas were the justice’s own words in his concurring opinion that found, “In my view, the Court has no power to decide these types of claims. Drawing political districts is a task for politicians, not federal judges. There are no judicially manageable standards for resolving claims about districting, and, regardless, the Constitution commits those issues exclusively to the political branches.”

“Divining legislative purpose is a dubious undertaking in the best of circumstances, but the task is all but impossible in gerrymandering cases,” he suggested as he also charged:

“A system in which only specialized experts can discern the existence of a constitutional injury is intolerable and strongly suggests that the racial gerrymandering injury is not amenable to judicial resolution. We should resist the temptation to reduce the Fourteenth Amendment to a battle of expert witnesses. Our gerrymandering misadventures demonstrate that these claims lack judicially manageable standards.”

Still, like the efforts to peg Alito as persona non grata over the display of a Revolutionary War Era flag as well as his own wife’s use of a flag to allegedly send a message to a neighbor, Mystal pressed to bring his racist argument full circle to an attack on those concerned about election integrity.

“The through line — understand this, Chris, when these people like Alito and Thomas support the insurrection, right, what are they really saying? They’re saying that Trump won — lost the election, but won the white vote, which is true, he did, he won the white vote by a lot — white people should probably do something about that — but he won the white vote by a lot,” he told Hayes. “And what Alito and Thomas are saying is that it is that white vote that Trump won is that’s the only votes that matter.

Kevin Haggerty


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