If you thought Biden was going to go quietly into the night, you thought wrong

President Joe Biden’s debate performance can officially be declared a disaster when the talk the following day includes whether or not he should drop out of the race.

The 81-year-old president’s cognitive decline was on full display Thursday evening, with even Biden’s staunchest supporters forced to believe their lying eyes. But if you thought Biden was going to go quietly into the night, you’ve got another thing coming.

CNN senior White House correspondent Kayla Tausche reported on what she was hearing from the campaign Friday morning, saying that not only is Biden not dropping out but that he’s committed to a second debate.

“Well, John, the Biden team as of this moment plans to pack up what few wins they had on the debate stage last night. You’ve already seen some of those packaged and posted on social media, and to move on and focus on what’s coming down the pike,” Tausche said. “There are no plans, I’m told, for the president to drop out of the race, and even further, I’m told that the president is still committed to a second debate in September, which is currently scheduled for September 10 and hosted by ABC News, much along the lines of the rules of the debate that was hosted last night.”

It’s intriguing to consider whether there’s a scenario where Biden could decline a second debate and save face before voters. Could it be that he tanked on purpose Thursday night, setting himself up for a dramatic rally back in the second scheduled debate?

Tausche said, somewhat comically, that Team Biden was comparing their guy’s experience to Barack Obama’s first debate with failed 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“The adviser that I spoke with said that they’re not putting too much stock in the conversation last night and that many of the staffers on the campaign and in the White House also worked on President Obama’s reelection in 2012. And they tried to draw a parallel to that first debate,” she said. “That was a very low performance for President Obama, even he would call it a stinker. And they said that if you had believed the pundits in the wake of that debate, Mitt Romney would be president, would have been president after that.”

“But of course, the big difference is in the wake of that debate, no one in Obama’s own party was calling for him to resign the office of president,” Tausche continued. “And that is the moment that Democrats find themselves in right now. The mood that I’m hearing from Democrats who are texting this morning is described as fatalistic behind the scenes. And while we’ve seen some of these public pronouncements from members of the president’s own party, there is still so much consternation about what happens next and whether the performance aspect of last night can even be fixed going forward.”

The calls for Biden to step aside are not because he had a bad debate, as she suggests, it’s because voters are beginning to believe that he may be senile — a CNN flash poll taken after the debate showed that a majority of viewers have no confidence in Biden’s ability to lead the country.

Tausche concluded by saying the September debate “is likely just to be a repeat of what we saw on stage last night, putting Democrats in the same position they’re in right now, even closer to Election Day.”

“That being said, Biden himself did not seem to be fazed by it,” she said.

Tom Tillison


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