Illegal immigrant arrested in death of 16-year-old cheerleader in Texas

Police in Texas have arrested a suspect in the death of a high school cheerleader who was found dead inside of the apartment that she shared with her mother last week, and he is reportedly an illegal alien.

On December 5, the mother of 16-year-old Lizbeth Medina who was a student at Edna High School in the southeastern Texas town of Edna, discovered her unresponsive daughter in the bathtub at the Cottonwood Apartments. Police and first responders arrived at the scene and determined that the young lady was deceased, spurring a manhunt that culminated with the apprehension of Rafael Govea Romero.

Romero – believed to be the individual caught on surveillance video after the murder – was taken into custody in Schulenburg on Saturday, an “undocumented male” according to authorities.

“On Saturday, December 9th, 2023 with the help of community, friends, and family, Edna Police Department, in conjunction with the Texas Rangers, were able to apprehend the person responsible for the death of Lizbeth Medina,” the Edna Police Department said in a Sunday statement.

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“With countless hours put into this investigation, we were able to locate an undocumented male suspect, identified as Rafael Govea Romero in the city of Schulenburg,” the statement read. “Edna Police Department and Texas Rangers immediately traveled to Schulenburg where Romero was placed under arrest for Capital Murder and transported to Jackson County Jail.”

“Although Romero is apprehended, we recognize Lizbeth’s family and friends are grieving and still need support from the community. The citizens of Edna can now sleep in peace!”

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Jacqueline Medina said that she decided to look for Lizbeth after she hadn’t seen or heard from her last Tuesday afternoon and that she attended a Christmas parade that her daughter was supposed to be in but didn’t see her, returning to the apartment where she made her terrible discovery.

“I decided to go look for her. And I kept calling her phone nonstop, and it would take me straight to voicemail… I called a bunch of people and nobody knew anything. It wasn’t until I walked into the restroom that I was on the phone with my friend asking him to come help me look for her – is when I [saw] her foot, and it was in the bathtub. And so I opened the curtains. There she was,” she told Fox News Digital last week.

“I don’t understand why. My God, why would they do this to her?” Medina said. “She’s such a beautiful, smart, and amazing girl. There’s moments where I just can’t take it. And then there’s moments where I feel like I need to be strong for her.”

“She and her daughter were living in the apartment complex temporarily after Medina moved from Nebraska to Texas for her job in renewable energy. She and Lizbeth were the only two people who had keys to the apartment, she said,” according to Fox News.

“I just want everybody to know that that was an amazing child,” the grieving mother said. “She wasn’t a normal teenager getting in trouble for doing crazy stuff. She was very mature for her age. She was a caring and loving person who, as far as I know, and from the messages I received, she changed a lot of people’s lives. I just want everybody to remember her that way and not the way that she was taken from me.”

Chris Donaldson


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