Illegal immigrant charged with sexual assault of two young Michigan girls during home invasion

An illegal immigrant allegedly broke into a mobile home in Michigan and sexually assaulted two young girls during the home invasion.

A 25-year-old Mexican citizen named Miguel Hernandez-Ruiz has been charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of first-degree home invasion following the March 20 incident. He was arraigned in court Friday and the judge sanely denied his bond. Both girls were under 13 years old and were discovered by police after being molested.

“St. Joseph County prosecutor David Marvin called Hernandez-Ruiz a danger to society and a flight risk,” WWMT reported.

“This is so serious that we’ve got to make sure we protect St. Joseph County, and honestly any county in the United States because we can’t afford to have this person leave,” Marvin asserted during Hernandez-Ruiz’s arraignment.

The break-in occurred at Sweet Mobile Home Park according to the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Office.

FOX 17 is reporting that the sisters claim the man threatened to “kill them” if they screamed or tried to escape. The girls say he used his hands to assault them while exposing himself to them. He kept them in their rooms while he molested them.

“An evaluation by trained medical staff revealed evidence of sexual assault on both girls’ bodies,” the media outlet noted.

“After days of investigating, family and detectives were able to establish that Hernandez-Ruiz had visited the home roughly a month before the assault. Surveillance video showed a vehicle he was known to drive was the only one captured entering and leaving the neighborhood around the time of the home invasion,” Fox 17 revealed.

(Video Credit: WWMT-TV)

Hernandez-Ruiz and his vehicle were located by deputies using video surveillance at an undisclosed location. They went to question him about the assaults and break-in and he fled the area according to the sheriff’s office.

The officers traced him back to Fort Wayne, Indiana within a day. They then set up a surveillance operation to make sure he could not escape again.

St. Joseph County Undersheriff Jason Bingaman stated that it took 12 days to catch Hernandez-Ruiz according to WWMT. He was arrested and held on an immigration detainer by ICE.

“Hernandez-Ruiz entered the United States in 2021 on a temporary work Visa. However, Bingaman said he continued to live in the Sturgis area after his Visa expired,” WWMT wrote.

Bingaman offered his condolences to the victims during a press conference held Friday afternoon. He assured them that they would work diligently to get them and their family justice.

“It’s our intention for crime victims to see justice and to reassure our community that they’re safe and that they’re secure,” Bingaman stated.


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