Univ. of Florida gives activists short list of ‘allowable activities’ with CONSEQUENCES for non-compliance

As colleges across the United States are contending with all manner of protests over the Israeli-Hamas conflict, one university is putting a stop to some forms of activism.

According to a citizen journalist who goes by “Stu” on X, a flier of “Allowable Activities” was disseminated on the University of Florida campus which reportedly resulted in some students choosing to break down their encampment.

The flier explains that “allowable activities” include: “Speech, expressing viewpoints and holding signs in hands.”

The list of “Prohibitive Items and Activities” was much longer:

  • No amplified sound
  • No demonstrations inside buildings
  • No littering
  • No camping
  • No sleeping
  • No unmanned signs
  • No blocking egress
  • No building structures (chairs, stakes, benches, tables)
  • No camping, including tents, sleeping bags, pillows, etc.
  • No disruption
  • No threats
  • No violence
  • No weapons
  • Any other items and/or activities deemed to be non-compliant with policy and regulations by university officials.

While it might be expected for at least a few protesters to rebel against these rules, fueled by the righteous fury of their chosen cause, the “consequences for non-compliance” section may have caused them to think twice.

“Individuals found responsible for engaging in prohibited activities shall be trespassed from campus,” the flier explains. “Students will receive a 3 year trespass and suspension. Employees will be trespassed and separated from employment.”

This comes as an Emory University economics professor was tackled by police and placed in handcuffs during a disruptive campus protest. The school decided to crack down on the activism on their grounds, resulting in the professor’s arrest.

Social media users were pleased to hear that University of Florida will be taking decisive action:

Sierra Marlee


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